A ‘No Metal’ Bra


Hanesbrands Inc. – Keith Zimmerman

Team Members:
Jared Bundick
Melissa Mooney
Bailee Torres

The metal underwire used in women’s bras have several problems including bending, breakage, and poke-through. Bending refers to permanent deformation of the underwire, breakage is the fracture of the metal, and poke-through is the common problem when metal underwire emerges from the casing. These problems cause the bra to be uncomfortable to wear, leading to customer dissatisfaction with the product.

In order to eliminate the discomfort due to bra underwire problems, a new underwire method should be developed. The new underwire should be just as supportive as the current underwire. It will be durable but comfortable for the customer. The only restriction is the underwire cannot contain metal.  Of particular interest is the use of 3D printing methods to prototype new concepts.  The team will investigate the appropriate polymer and shape to utilize.

Problem Statement:
The goal of this project is to develop a bra underwire that is completely supportive, not made of any metals, and can be quantifiably desirable to the user.