Alternatives to Synthetics


Li & Fung America

Team Members:

Olivia Vanistendael

Megan Davidson

Catalina Del Risco

Project Statement:

By 2025 synthetic production is expected to reach 84 million metric tons, equivalent to 798 million kg CO2 emissions (US polyester production).   Moreover, 80% of the clothing we throw away ends up in landfill.  The objective of this design project is to explore alternatives to the synthetic materials that have the same properties as the polyamide / elastane blends and polyamide / spandex blends that are used in swimwear produced by Li & Fung America. This team will not only consider material content but also new ways of spinning that create stretch, fabric construction techniques that maximize stretch and retention.  The team will consider factors such as scalability and market price, as well as the sustainability of the material developed.