Auxetic Structures in Garment Construction

Auxetic Structures in Garment Construction | Sponsor: Hanesbrands, Inc.


Hanesbrands, Inc.

Team Members:

Leena Godbole

Mitchell Hicks

Michael Zito

Project Statement:

Auxetics yarns are a material that has a negative Poisson’s ratio. When stretched, they become thicker perpendicular to the applied force. Auxetics can be illustrated with an inelastic string wound around an elastic cord. When the ends of the structure are pulled apart, the inelastic string straightens while the elastic cord stretches and winds around it, increasing the structure’s effective volume. This technology is currently used for military applications such as blast shields or other shock absorbing mechanisms.  Currently, the benefits of such a technology for a garment is not well understood.  This team will work with Hanes to evaluate a design of experiments for outlining the structure-property relationships of auxetic yarns, identify a potential market, a prototype an innovative product.