Causes and Solutions to Torque in Apparel

Causes and Solutions to Torque in Apparel | Sponsor: Gildan Activewear Inc.


Gildan Activewear Inc.

Team Members:

Kenon Blackwood

Rachel Foote

Ciara Oden

Project Statement:

The twist experienced while wearing Gildan Activewear t-shirts needs to be significantly reduced or eliminated for improved customer satisfaction. To our knowledge, fabric detwisters, processes in sewing and verification of the yarn twist multiple have been implanted as solutions, however, no significant reduction in torque has been achieved. It will be our mission to examine the entire manufacturing process of Gildan T-shirts and identify factors within this process that cause torque. We will perform market analysis to determine torque issues associated with major t-shirts on the market. After identifying causes of torque, we will be responsible for identifying and implementing solutions to decrease torque, both during the manufacturing process and after the garment has been created.