Durable Nonwoven Shipment Packaging

A photo of the Durable Nonwoven Shipment Packaging team

Team Members: Lexi Brewer, John East, Alisha Spradlin

Project Description: For this project, our team was tasked with working with Avery Dennison to utilize their post-industrial textile waste material from their manufacturing plant in Italy, Collitex, to create a nonwoven baggage solution which follows a recycled economic usage structure. 

Using our technical knowledge and skills to ideate, plan, and implement a design process, our team successfully accomplished creating a sustainable focused non woven material that is strong and durable enough for shipment packaging purposes. 

Over the past two semesters, our team went through several experimental stages to accomplish our goal. Our first stage was ideating our test methods, materials, and equipment that we needed throughout the year. We worked alongside SouthEast Nonwovens to gain insight into our options. From there, we tested existing materials that were on the market to obtain a benchmark for how durable and strong our final material should be. Through analyzing our benchmarks and finding our goal statistics, we were able to identify what we needed in order to obtain the strength and durability of our potential fabric. 

From this information, we created a vast array of fabric samples with varied composition ratios that went through either a lamination or a calendering process. These samples were then tested via the Martindale Abrasion tester or the Q-Test Ball Burst tester to obtain data on durability and bursting strength and narrow down our final fabric options based on our benchmark data. From this, we were able to determine a smaller sample group to test and eventually landed upon our final fabric composition that exhibited the most durable and strongest characteristics. 

Throughout this year-long project, our team has learned a lot about what it means to work as a group to accomplish a goal. We had the opportunity to sharpen our engineering and technical skills through experimental design, problem solving, design implementation, active communication, and teamwork. Being able to work alongside Avery Dennison has provided us with insight into what it will be like working in a real-word job setting.