EKG Shirt Design


ASSIST (Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies)

Team Members:
Andrew Emery
Christian Rhone
Grace Wright

ASSIST is a company that develops wearable electronics that could potentially lower the cost of healthcare by allowing the long term monitoring of health parameters as well as environmental surroundings. Long term sensing enables doctors, patients and researchers to establish relationships between personal health and the surrounding environment. The mission is to provide doctors and patients to be able to manage wellness while improving the quality of life resulting in the lowered cost of healthcare.

Problem Statement:
Together with an ECE team, the teams will develop a textile wearable garment that measures a person’s complete EKG.  The integration of the EKG electrodes should be ‘seamlessly’ integrated and comfortable for the user.  The integration should be invisible to others.  This includes, but is not limited to having the electrodes not affect the performance of the garment and not rely on the use of adhesives to contact the skin. Connections between the EKG electrodes on the garment and electrical circuitry should be modular.  All packaging must be durable.  The EKG signal should be transmitted to a cellphone for processing.