Functionalizing Down Waste

The four students in Functionalizing Down Waste | Under Armour


Under Armour

Team Members:

Anna Koel

McKenzie Cook

Nathan Detrick

Jon O’Neal

Project Statement:

The goal of this project is to create a commercial, performance-driven nonwoven insulation that incorporates down waste (short fibers leftover from the processing of down which typically go to the landfill).  The nonwoven insulation to-be created will be the internal insulation component of a conventional quilted “puffer jacket”.  This team will perform a manufacturing feasibility which will include determining the best way to “manage” or “control” the down in a facility and  incorporate it consistently and durably in a non-woven web.  The team will also seek to determine the min-and-max amount of down “loading” to achieve desired manufacturing parameters (i.e. speed/output/wastage/etc) as well as desired performance parameters.  Finally, the team will develop a puffer jacket prototype from a “Lifestyle” perspective that would be ideal to have this insulation as a primary component.  In doing so, marketing concepts will be developed that highlight the sustainability aspect of this initiative in addition to the potential performance gains compared to either (or both) down and non-down insulation systems.