Graduate Student Highlight: Swathi Vikraman

Name:  Swathi Vikraman

Degree Program:  M.S. Textile Chemistry

Degrees you have:  B.S.Tech Textile Technology

Where are you from?  India

What is your town / country like?   It is a place which is surrounded by various temples and cultural heritage.

Why did you decide to pursue your degree at NC State University?  NC State is famous for its textiles department and also the course is great.  Also the world class faculty team made me to pursue my masters at NC State University.

Give a short description of your research:  During my undergrad, I did my project in the field of decolorization and detoxication of textile effluent. In India the disposal of effluents in the water bodies is the major source of pollution. So we used a combined technique in which absorption, biosorption and filtration are used in order to treat the effluent. So I want to continue in that area and still simplify this process in an economical way.

How does your research impact the world?  If this process is a success then countries like India will be free from effluents in the water bodies. Since water is the basic need of human beings it is important to safeguard the water bodies.

Have you published your work yet and/or received any awards?  If you have published, please provide the citation and an abstract appropriate at the high school science level:

What is your favorite thing about TECS / NC State?  My favorite thing is that the huge amount of research projects undertaken in TECS department.

Who has influenced you most during your research here and how?

What do you find most exciting about your field of study?  The most exciting thing is that the innovation and discover of various projects. I am very interested to carry on my research under this world renowned faculty team.