Graduate Student Highlight: Bhavya Singhi

Name:  Bhavya Singhi

Degree Program: MS TC

Advisor(s):  Dr. Martin W. King

Degrees you have:  Bachelor of Technology, Fibers and Textile Processing, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India

Where are you from?  New Delhi, India

What is your town / country like? India is a vibrant country known for its historic background and amazing food.

Why did you decide to pursue your degree at NC State University?

During my undergraduate degree, I realized the scope of textiles and became fascinated with medical textiles. I wanted to pursue higher studies in the field of medical textiles and the Wilson College of Textiles at NC State University was an obvious choice because of its faculty and resources.

Give a short description of your research:

My research currently is focusing on developing an alternate spinning procedure for bacterial polyester with equivalent mechanical properties to those of melt spun filaments. The goal is to develop a process that can spin the polymer at low temperatures for thermally sensitive applications.

How does your research impact the world?

Although there may not be any direct impact on the word with my research, but if I can successfully work out a process for low temperature spinning of bacterial polyester, there will be major subsequent applications, especially in the medical field. It could help in better incorporation of thermally sensitive chemicals, drugs, etc., for controlled release applications which isn’t very efficient currently due to high temperatures (200 °C) incurred in melt spinning process.

Have you published your work yet and/or received any awards?  If you have published, please provide the citation and an abstract appropriate at the high school science level:


What is your favorite thing about TECS / NC State?

One of the best things about TECS is the level of interdisciplinary research carried out by hundreds of people in the college. The faculty always encourages the students and lends a helping hand to everyone. Apart from academics, there are so many professional development and extracurricular opportunities available to all students. I personally enjoyed being President of the Textile Association of Graduate Students and serving in other leadership positions over the past two years.

Who has influenced you most during your research here and how?

Dr. Martin W. King has undoubtedly influenced me the most at NC State. I really admire his enthusiasm for his work and the way he motivates all his students. He has guided me through my journey for over a year now and I have come to realize that working on a project shouldn’t feel like a task you need to accomplish but rather a passion you want to fulfill.

What do you find most exciting about your field of study?

One of the most exciting things about this field is the networking opportunities it presents and the worldwide scope of our research.