Graduate Student Highlight: Syed Zaidy

Name:  Syed Shahzad Hussain Zaidy

Degree Program:  PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science (Current Fulbright Scholar)

Advisor(s):  Dr. Harold Freeman, Dr. Peter Hauser

Degrees you have:  Masters in Environmental Engineering (University of Melbourne, Melbourne Australia, AusAid Scholar 2008); Bachelors in Textile Engineering (University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan)

Where are you from?  Pakistan

What is your town / country like?   My town Quetta, also known as the fruit garden of Pakistan, is located in northern Balochistan province of Pakistan near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The city has high semi-arid climate and consists of series of small river valleys which act as a natural fort surrounded on all sides by hills; these are named Chiltan, Takatoo, Murdar and Zarghun. Quetta is the largest city of Balochistan province with diverse cultures. Many local languages are spoken such as Hazaragi, Pushto, Baluchi, Brahvi and Punjabi. The common national language is Urdu. Famous quisines are mantu, bolani, kaddi kebab and sajji. Among locally made handicrafts, hand made sandals, balochi mirror work and afghan rugs are the most famous.

Why did you decide to pursue your degree at NC State University?  The Wilson College of Textiles being one of the best textile research institute led me to choose it for my PhD.

Give a short description of your research: My research includes synthesizing textile dyes which could be used to dye textile fibers using atmospheric plasma.

How does your research impact the world? Conventional textile dyeing produce huge amount of effluent thus affecting the environment. My research will help dyeing textiles without water and reducing the amount of effluent produced.

Have you published your work yet and/or received any awards?  If you have published, please provide the citation and an abstract appropriate at the high school science level:

Currently I am the recipient of Fulbright Award to pursue my PhD.

What is your favorite thing about TECS / NC State?  I love the pre-seminar snacks which is a great opportunity to interact with fellow students.

Who has influenced you most during your research here and how? Dr. Freeman has influenced me the most. Very understanding and humble personality yet a great teacher and professional mentor.

What do you find most exciting about your field of study?  Dye synthesizing is the most exciting part of my research. I love experiencing that magical moment when the two reaction mixtures are combined and watching the dye produced.