Accelerated Bachelor’s Master’s (ABM)

Accelerated Bachelor’s Master’s Programs (ABM) enable high performing undergraduate students to enter the Graduate School significantly prior to completing their BS degree. It also enables early graduation with a master’s degree by allowing double counting up to 12 credits for courses required in both the BS and MS degree. The faculty in the Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science participate in the ABM program because we believe in helping our top performing undergraduate chemists, engineers, and technologists to take on new challenges in their education and personal development. The ABM program is an outstanding opportunity to earn a challenging thesis or non-thesis master’s as early as possible and at reduced cost. Because eligible students have a very high GPA, we do not require the GRE to be taken for our ABM programs. Application Process: Eligible undergraduate students must take the following steps in their fourth or fifth semester:

1. Contact the TECS the Director of Undergraduate Programs and the Director of Graduate Programs stating their interest in applying to the ABM program, providing their student I.D. number, and requesting a meeting to discuss the Accelerated Bachelor’s Master’s program requirements.
2. Complete a BS / MS Plan of Work form for the BS / MS signed by the student, and approved by the Director of Undergraduate Programs and the Director of Graduate Programs.
3. Apply to the Graduate School online during one of the final two semesters in the bachelor program.

  • Note 1: Students must check the box to indicate they are applying to the ABM program.
  • Note 2: Students must indicate that the requested admission date is the semester following their anticipated bachelor’s degree conferral semester.
  • Note 3: Students are not required to take the GRE as they must have a GPA = 3.5 or higher.