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Current Graduate Students

Student Last Names Ending in:

Phillip Alarcon-Furman – PhD FPS
Phillip Alarcon-Furman

Philip Alarcón-Furman will start the Fiber and Polymer Science graduate degree in Fall 2018

Karim Aly – PhD FPS

I am currently a PhD student studying in the Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science department at the North Carolina State University’s Wilson College of Textiles. I received my Master’s degree in Textile Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2009. I have been doing research on fiber reinforced composite material since 2012. My current research is on composite structural health monitoring by means of carbon nanotubes under the supervision of Dr. Philip Bradford. I am also enrolled in the Graduate Certificate Program in the Nonwoven Science and Technology program. The reason I came to NC State is that its Wilson College of Textiles is the best worldwide which I hope to open for me big career opportunities after my graduation.

Hooman Amid – PhD FPS

My name is Hooman and I am a 3rd year PhD candidate in Fiber and Polymer Science. I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran and I moved to NC State to pursue my PhD; Raleigh is my second home now. I work with The Nonwovens Institute and my dissertation is about hybrid adsorptive nonwovens for air filtration applications. I have practical and scientific knowledge about: > Technical and Specialty Textiles > composites and nanotechnology > textile manufacturing/finishing > Technology/Product Development > Research and Development > Data Collection and Statistical Analysis > Nonwovens Science and Technology > adsorption and toxic gas filtration/separation > polymeric and powderous materials characterization. My interest lies is innovative product and technology development and finding new applications for existing products and technologies.

Ruksana Baby – MS TE

I am Ruksana Baby from Bangladesh, a graduate student of Textile Engineering at the Wilson College of Textiles, NC State University. Currently I am pursuing the Masters program under the department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science here. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering in March 2015 from Bangladesh University of Textiles, Bangladesh, with a concentration on Textile Management and Business Studies. During my undergrad, I did my internship at EPYLLION GROUP, one of the leading knit manufacturers in Bangladesh and explored the knitting, dyeing, finishing and apparel manufacturing processes and also experienced the merchandising and marketing, R&D, Quality Assurance and other relevant activities. Prior to enrolling into NC State University (Fall 2015), I was working in TÜV SÜD Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. as a Junior Officer-Testing, for a very short period of time. However, my plan is also to achieve the PhD degree from NC State University since this would be the best platform for my successful career I believe

Tushar Bambharoliya – PhD FPS
Tushar Bambharoliya

Tushar Bambharoliya has a Bachelor and a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy from India. Along with four different internships roles during his academic life, he had also worked in Research and Development at a minimally invasive medical device manufacturing company named Nano Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. for 4 years working towards Product development, Process optimization, Process engineering and Validation. 8 Years in R&D now, Tushar has developed the passion for Drug-Polymer Science and is extremely happy that he is pursuing independent research as a PhD Student studying major in Fiber and Polymer Science and Minor in Biomedical Engineering at North Carolina State University that motivates and satiates his scientific curiosities and research interests. He was recently awarded with the AATCC Kanti and Hansa Jasani Family Scholarship. Currently, he is working towards developing the Biomedical Textile device utilizing textile technology fusion with biomedical engineering that also won the studentresearch grant from the AATCC Textile foundation in 2018. His multidisciplinary academic and professional career led him to expand upon the idea of finding new horizons for the integration of textile technologies with pharmacy and biomedical engineering; thus, developing a symbiotic relationship among these fields. By taking leadership roles such as the president of Society for Biomaterials (SFB) student chapter (2016-18) and as a secretary of TAGS (2016-17), he along with other committee members had successfully executed an industry-sponsored Biomaterials day and Research day in 2017. He brings in the well-versed knowledge of Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering, Polymer Science and armed with Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Product Development tools and data analysis capability using JMP and StatCrunch. He upon graduating in 2019 wants to continue his career in a research and development in a Pharmaceutical/Biomedical company to expand either their portfolio or increase the productivity in terms of improved quality, efficiency, and margins.

Debjyoti Banerjee – PHD FPS
Debjyoti Banerjee

Hello! I am Debjyoti Banerjee, a first year doctoral fellow at the Wilson College of Textiles (COT), NC State. I am so thankful to COT, for giving me this opportunity. I hold a Masters in Polymer Science and Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, in addition to Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Jadavpur University. During my masters, I have also been awarded with Outstanding Academic Performance award for securing the topmost rank of my batch. My prior research experience mainly lies in microcellular foaming of polypropylene. However, with the increasing stresses on crude oil demand and its non-renewability, my interests have channelled into the field of biomaterials and biopolymers, where I look forward in making explorations during my Ph.D.

Advait Bhagwat – MS TC

My Name is Advait Bhagwat. I earned my Bachelors degree from the Institute of Chemical Technology (Mumbai) in Fibers and Textiles Processing Technology. During my undergraduate degree, I did an internship at DyStar in their testing and product development departments and completed a summer research project on “Chemical modification of cellulose for increased oil sorption” at the Institute of Chemical Technology (Mumbai) in the department of fibers and Textile Processing Technology. My research interests lie in the field of Biomaterials and Medical Textiles. I hope to one day build a successful career in research.

Raj Bhakta – PhD FPS

My current research builds on the work done in the NEXT group on robust flexible interconnect technology. There is a pressing need in the industry to connect electronic components to textile platforms without the use of traditional bulky wires and conductive yarn. The technology I work on is scalable with current manufacturing processes, uses currently adopted materials, and is low-cost, making it an attractive option to enable electronic-textiles. This technology is mechanically robust, electrically stable, and modular so that many of these “e-textile legos” can be integrated onto existing garments, enabling retro-fitting. Recently, we built an ECG Athletic Shirt that measures your heart-rate in real-time. Next, I’ll be working on integrating more complex sensors and energy harvesting devices to make prototypes that can be mobilized for commercialization within the ASSIST research center. Ultimately, I want to help enable electronic-textiles as the next generation of wearable devices. Lastly, in the grand scheme of things, I believe that science and technology should ultimately benefit all of humanity. I regularly think about how we can solve the great problems our species is facing and will face in the future. As a researcher, I aim to create solutions to solve some of these problems at some level. Feel free to reach out to me to connect and discuss science, technology, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and what we can do to solve some of the world’s pressing needs! Outside of academics, I dance (Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Bhangra), watch/play soccer, and avidly consume any and all knowledge I can. Education: B.S. in Physics (concentration in Nuclear Engineering) and minor in Philosophy of Physics from The University of Texas-Austin.

Charles Blackwell – Phd fps
Charles Blackwell

I’m originally from Dothan, AL, a small town close to the gulf coast. I earned my BS in ’11 and MS in ’12 in Polymer & Fiber Engineering in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at Auburn University in Auburn, AL. My research there involved the design of ballistic-resistant armor systems for personnel. As soon as I graduated, I worked full time as an engineer for a local company there for a few years before I was blessed with the opportunity to return to academia at NC State in August ’14. My current research is in gel-spinning lignin-polymer nanocomposites under Dr. Ericka Ford. I look forward to finishing my PhD and pursing an academic career.

Nigel Carlton – MS TEs
Nigel Carlton

I grew up in Elon, North Carolina and received my BS in Textile Engineering from NC State in May 2017. I am pursuing an MS in Textile Engineering and am currently doing research in TPACC working on a project looking at the thermal protective performance of firefighter protective hoods. I’d say that I’m a pretty easy going guy who enjoys good company and is open to everyone. I’m really into sports, especially American football. However, for the most part would much rather play than sit and watch, so in undergrad I would play on probably too many intramural teams at once. For seven semesters I was in an a cappella singing group called Acappology and am currently in a semi-professional group called Spectrum Vocals.

Kony Chatterjee – Phd fps
Kony Chatterjee

As a PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science with a Master’s in Textile Engineering from the Wilson College of Textiles, I work on combining my knowledge of polymeric materials with textile structures to create non-intrusive electronic textiles (e-textiles). With the world moving towards a more connected, energy-secure, and environmentally conscious future, my work on e-textiles aims to find a new way of harnessing energy and saving the environment from the impact of pollution.

Renbo Cao – PhD FPS

I am a Ph.D. candidate working under Dr. Shamey researching color quality of multi-colored materials. Prior to coming to N. C. State University, I earned BS in Printing engineering (Major) and Engineering Management (Minor), and MS in Pulping and Paper Engineering from Wuhan University and South China University of Technology, China in 2008 and 2011 respectively. My research interests include basic and fundamental colorimetry, color vision, digital imaging processing, image quality and psychophysics in color science.

Jiyang Chen – PhD FPS

I am from Shanghai, China in my first year as a PhD Candidate in Fiber and Polymer Science. I have achieved my bachelor degree in Donghua University, Shanghai, China, and MS degree in Textile Engineering, NC State University. I am in Dr. King’s biotextiles research group. I have done some projects in polymer science, biomedical materials, SEM imaging, cell culture and tissue engineering in past two years. Now, my research is focused on applying fabrics on tissue engineering and biomedical products, and conducting mechanical and biological tests. I believe it can be accomplished in my Ph D program.

Yue Chen – MS TE
Yue Chen

My name is Yue Chen. I am from Jilin, China. I received my bachelor’s degree from Donghua University, Shanghai in 2017. After that I came to NC State to pursue my master’s degree in textile engineering. Now I am interested in nonwoven materials and wish to do more research on this. NC State can provide the best education in textile for every student and will provide the best opportunity for every international student to know more about American culture. That’s why I came here for further study.

Hui Cong – PhD FPS

My name is Hui Cong and I am from Weihai, China. I received my BS degree in Textiles Engineering at Donghua University, Shanghai, China. I came to the Wilson College of Textiles at NC State University through 3+x program in 2011. I earned my MS degree in Textile Engineering with Dr. Martin W. King as my adviser.  I am pursuing my PhD degree in Dr. King’s Biomedical Textiles Group, and minor in Biomedical Engineering with Dr. Jacqueline Cole as my co-adviser. My research is focused on barbed surgical sutures in cosmetic surgeries and tendon repairs.

Hannah Dedmon – MS TE
Hannah Dedmon

My name is Hannah Dedmon and I am currently a Master’s student in Textile Engineering. My research focuses on investigating sustainable methods to create high performance fibers, namely looking at biomass additives that are common waste products from other industries. As a part of Dr. Ford’s research team, I hope to make a bold impact on the field of polymer science as I continue to pursue a Ph.D in FPS and hopefully begin a career in academia. I am a North Carolina native, born and raised in Charlotte, NC and come from a big family of NC State University graduates. My interests range from polymer and fiber science, to college basketball, and Middle Eastern culture and languages. Go Pack!

Vedant Dhandhania – MS TE

I was acclimatized to Fabric Loom sheds early in life as I used to visit these sheds with my father when I was still in primary school and thus developed a keen interest in it. My home town, i.e. Ichalkaranji (India), consists more than hundred thousand Fabric manufacturing looms and evolving from a Textile business family, my interest in Textiles has been since I was a kid. I am a Research Assistant under Dr. Willlam Oxenham and working on “Comparison of Global Textile Manufacturing Cost” which goes with my business interest in merchant exporting and importing yarns, fabrics & garments around the world. I possess a rare combination of having technical knowledge coupled with skill to design, develop & market textile products. My interest in innovation, new product development, six sigma and technical textiles resulted in an opportunity for me to intern at Apple. I have a full time offer from them and I look forward to joining them after graduation.

Ryan Dwyer – MS TE
Ryan Dwyer

My focus in research is the improvement of regenerated cellulose and other biomaterial products by sustainable and efficient processes. As a member of the Ford Innovation Team under the supervision of Dr. Ericka Ford, my current experience ties into the fundamental chemistry and physics of cellulose-based materials and regenerated fiber formation. Our work seeks to research and develop safer, more efficient methods for cellulose dissolution and fiber regeneration as is needed for industrial and environmental sustainability. Originally from Ruston, Louisiana, I completed my undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering. Throughout my undergrad in Atlanta, Georgia, I gained experience in body armor manufacturing, carbon fiber research, C-level networking in the manufacturing industry, engineering sales, and entrepreneurship through a rapidly growing Christian apparel company (Good Word Co.), which was founded and is still managed/owned by my two older brothers and me. With the experience and opportunities that my graduate studies will provide, I hope to improve current manufacturing processes for environmental sustainability and to advocate the industry need for fair-trade labor in textile manufacturing.

Hadir Eldeeb -PHD FPS
Hadir Eldeeb

I am Hadir Eldeeb, a PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science program. I got my Bachelors degree in Textile Engineering from Mansoura University, Egypt in 2013. I have a one year experience in production and quality management, in addition to two years working as a teaching assistant at Mansoura University. I joined the Wilson College of Textiles in August 2016 to pursue my graduate studies at such a great university to get more experience in research and teaching. My current research is in Green Composites under the supervision of Dr. Seyam. Besides, I got the Teaching and Communication Certificate from the graduate school.

Carl Escriva -MS TE

I am originally from Rochester, NY and completed my undergraduate degree in Textile Engineering from NC State in May of 2014.  After graduation, I was fortunate to become part of the TPACC team and currently am part of a research project studying structural firefighter turnouts.  I hope to use my education and experiences from NC State to make the world a better place and to reach my goals.

Chengcheng Feng – MS TE

I’m Chengcheng Feng from China. I am a student in the College of Textile (Donghua University), receiving my bachelor degree in June, 2015. I attended the “3+X” program between Donghua University and NC State in the fall semester, 2014. Now I am in a second-year student, studying for my master’s degree in the Wilson College of Textiles and specializing in determination of the impact conditions on carpets under the instruction of Dr. Michielsen. I chose the TE for many reasons, the most important one is the resources and industry contacts are very good and I can learn a lot when finishing my master’s degree. NC State is really a good place to study and work. In the future, I hope I can find a job related with textile development.

Sha Fu – PhD FPS

I’m Sha Fu, now a PhD candidate in Fiber and Polymer Science Program in Wilson College of Textiles. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from Donghua University in Shanghai, China. I attended the “3+X” program and entered North Carolina State University in 2011 and received my Master’s degree in Textile Chemistry. My research interests include Green Chemistry, Coloration, Textile Dyeing and Finishing. The thing I love most about TECS is the home-like atmosphere. The faculty and staff here are all very kind and always willing to offer help. The interactions between faculty and students are not limited to the lab and classroom. We have a lot of interesting activities, such as hiking and welcoming dinner that are often held here. The facilities in NC State are also very appealing such as the state-of-the-art new Hunt library.

Alireza Garmabi – Phd FPS
alireza garmabi

My name is Alireza Garmabi, FPS PhD student in NC State Wilson College of Textiles. I earned my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Polymer Engineering From Amirkabir University (Tehran, Iran). My interests include Polymer Processing, Electrospinning, Polymer Physics, Nonwovens, and Mechanical Properties of Polymers. I have experience using some analytical instruments, and I’m knowledgeable in polymers crystallization, blends, and rheology. Currently I’m working with Nonwovens Institute under the supervision of Dr. Bradford and Dr. Pankow. My project is about studying the effects of bond points and micromechanical behavior of nonwovens under tension using Digital Image Correlation technique. I had the chance to be part of the TAGS (Textile Association of Graduate students) as Event Coordinator Chair, and it was a fantastic experience. Outside of academics, I go to gym, travel, and play games. I also like to read and learn about Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

Jixin Gong – Phd FPS

I am Jixin Gong, a PhD student in Dr. Kotek’s group. My undergraduate studying was in Jiangnan University in China. I majored in Textile Engineering (TE). My Masters & PhD are being completed at NC State University, where my project is based on the “One-step melt spinning process of High Performance fibers via Horizontal Isothermal Bath (HIB)” which mainly deals with Nylon, PET and PP. During the day and nights of pursing degrees at NC State, I realized that Textile is further more than what I have learned, especially when I touched more details in polymer. I am still curious and excited in this field, and hopefully can make some progress for the innovation, analysis, processing or commercialization of Textile products.

Michael Hall – MS TE

My name is Michael Hall and I am from Clayton, NC. I graduated with a B.S. in Textile Engineering from NC State in 2015 and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Textile Engineering. I have previous work experience as a Kaizen Promotion Officer (KPO) intern at Serta Simmons Bedding and as a R&D intern at Crypton Fabrics. My decision to pursue a masters comes from my desire to gain a fuller understanding of textiles and to enhance my research skills. Outside of academics, I have been involved in running and have ran several half marathons and a full marathon.

Kevin Harrow – MS TE
Kevin Harrow

My name is Kevin Harrow and I am a student seeking my MS TE. I graduated undergrad at the NCSU Wilson College of Textiles with a degree in TE and a product development concentration. I have previously worked in Dr. Bradford’s lab researching carbon nanotube composite materials, at RWTH Aachen working with ceramic composite materials on braiding rings, on the Adidas FUTURE team developing materials for use 5-7 years in the future, and with Universe Point cleats helping to innovate their current product line. I have a deep passion for sports and I hope furthering my education will allow me to use textiles to enhance the performance of athletes worldwide.

Nanfei He – PhD FPS

My name is Nanfei He. I am a graduate student pursuing Ph.D. in Fiber & Polymer Science. I earned my B.S. in Textile Engineering and M.S. in Nonwoven Materials and Engineering from Donghua University, China. Now I am working with Dr. Wei Gao and focusing on the research of integrating graphene/graphene oxide with textiles.

Koushik Heda – MS TE

I am Koushik Heda from Kolhapur,Maharashtra,India. I received my Undergraduate Degree in Textile Plant Engineering from D.K.T.E Society’s Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji. Being a Gold Medalist in academics, I also worked as a Part-time throughout my Bachelors to assist my Dad in his business [Airjet Textile Manufacturing Plant]. I had Industrial Training at Sangam Unit Pvt. Ltd. in Spinning unit for 4 weeks, which added hands on knowledge of yarn manufacturing. After Bachelors I worked in the Quality Control and Inventory Management at our own manufacturing unit. Having consummate knowledge in fabric and yarn manufacturing, I wanted to broaden my horizons into Technical Textiles. For the same I joined Masters in Textile Engineering at NC State University in Spring 2015. Along with my Masters program I am working as a Graduate Research Assistant under Dr. Stephen Michielsen. I aspire to be a successful entrepreneur in near future.

Daniel Hines – MS TC

My name is Daniel Hines, and I was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 2014 I graduated from NC State Wilson College of Textiles with a degree in Polymer and Color Chemistry with a concentration in Medical Science. I worked for a year in the Quality Control department of Novozymes North America before returning to the Wilson College of Textiles to pursue an MS in Textile Chemistry.

MD Milon Hossain – PHD FPS
Md Milon Hossain

Md Milon Hossain is a PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science. He is working on CNT based wearable E-textiles/smart textiles for multifunctional garments under Dr. Philip Bradford. The current E-textiles are difficult to manufacture by conventional textile processing methods. Milon is trying to overcome this issue and find a suitable way of developing E-textiles like regular apparel products. He plans to deposit nanoparticles to enhance the functionalities for various applications. He obtained his BS and MS in Textile Engineering from Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Bangladesh. He received two gold medals ‘Prime Minister Gold Medal’ and ‘Chancellor Gold Medal’ for his excellent academic performance. His MS thesis was Carbon-Kevlar Reinforced Polymer-based Hybrid Composites. He worked as Production Officer at Intramex Textile Limited, Bangladesh after his graduation. He wants to make a significant contribution to technical textiles by obtaining multidisciplinary knowledge from the Wilson College of Textiles, NC State University.

Jiantao Huang – MS TC

My name is Jiantao Huang. I’m from China, and I received my Functional Materials (Biomedical Textiles Material and Technology) bachelor degree from Donghua University, Shanghai. In Donghua University, my project was focusing on improving the hemocompatibility of silk fibroin fabric by using self-assembly technique. In 2014, I joined the 3+X program and came to NC State to pursue a master’s degree in textile chemistry. Now I am working with Dr. King to continue the research in Biomedical Textiles, and my research topic is related to donor-site wound dressings. I hope to gain more knowledge and experience in Biomedical Textiles and pursue a career in this area.

Rong Huang – phd fps
Rong Huang

My name is Rong Huang, and I’m from Jiangsu Province. I graduated as a master student under the supervision of Dr. Ford and Dr. Seyam, focusing on strengthening the delamination resistance of carbon composites. It’s my sincere appreciation to be back to pursue my PhD degree in the top-ranking college again. I’m the person always full of passion and would like to try something new. Thus, the outdoor recreation is my favorite, such as riding, jogging, climbing and shooting.

Yihan Huang – MS TE

I’m Yihan Huang, one of the “3+x” students from College of Textile, Donghua University (DHU). My major in DHU was Functional Materials (Biomedical Textile Material and Technology), and focused on the preparation of silica sol and its superhydrophobic applications on wool-polyester. And now in NC State University, I’m a part of TECS and pursing a master’s degree in textile engineering.

Yu Huang – MS TE
Yu Huang

My name is Yu Huang and I am from Wuxi, China. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering from Jiangnan University, China. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to come to NC State University Wilson College of Textiles as a 3+X program student in 2017. With a keen interest in the textile industry and the desire to strengthen my knowledge in the field of textile, I am currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Textile Engineering. During the first year of study in Wilson College of Textiles, I have developed my interest in biotextiles and nonwoven technology, which I hope I can do more researches on. The experience here in NC State Wilson College of Textiles has made me a more creative person and has inspired me to explore more.

Matthew Iezzi – MS TE
Matthew Iezzi

Matthew is pursuing a Masters in Textile Engineering as part of the ABM accelerated masters program at NC State. Having graduated in 2018 with a degree in Textile Technology with a supply chain focus, he hopes to carve out a career that exploits his technical knowledge and business prowess for the global operations of large apparel names. Matthew is currently working on material innovation projects with the Yeh Group based in Bangkok, Thailand, a major supplier for big sportswear brands such as Adidas and Nike.

Kazi Islam – PHD FPS
Kazi Islam

I am a PhD student of Fiber and Polymer Science studying in the Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science at the Wilson College of Textiles, North Carolina State University. My MS was in Textile Engineering from Philadelphia University, PA, USA which I obtained at 2014 . I am working on ” A Diagnostic Expert system for the coloration of Poly amides” since January, 2018. I am a part of Color Science Lab under the supervision of Prof. Renzo Shamey, PhD. Moreover, I have over seven years of professional experience on coloration, Digital printing (inkjet etc.), dyeing, production and R&D, mentoring, System development and so on.My insatiable thirst for research and knowledge creation brought me at NCSU one of the leading Textile Schools in the world. Thanks for reading!

Yan Jiang – MS TE

I am in my second year as a MS student in Textile Engineering in College of Textile at NC State University. College of Textile possesses world-class faculties and facilities studying on a broad range of fields, which gave me precious opportunity to learn elementary knowledge to most advanced technologies. Now I am under direction of Dr. Kotek studying high performance polymer fibers/yarns processed by horizontal isothermal bath. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in textile Engineering from Jiangnan University in 2015. I attended “3+X” program when I was a senior student in Jiangnan University. I enjoy in learning new knowledges and exploring unknown world. Besides my research and study, cooking and piano are indispensable part of my life. I hope to continue my research in high performance polymer materials after my graduation.

Javier Jimenez – MS TC
Javier Jimenez

Originally from San Luis Obispo, California, I am pursuing a Masters in Textile Chemistry. Before joining the Wolfpack, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Fiber Science at Cornell University. In NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles, I plan to concentrate on sustainable fiber production in Dr. Ericka Ford’s Innovation Team. Ultimately, I plan to pursue a PhD and eventually go into academia.

Rahim Jindani – PhD FPS & BME

I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I am in my 2nd year student of Fiber and Polymer Science and Biomedical Engineering. After finishing my bachelors in Textile Chemistry I worked for a year and a half as a Product development Trainee for Denims. I also had an opportunity to work as a quality assurance auditor during which I realized that there is much more that one can do. I came to NC State in 2012 because of its capabilities as a research and innovation hub in the area of Medical Textiles. I did my masters with Dr. Martin King and Dr. Seyam on Donor Site Wound Dressings utilizing Squid Chitin. Currently I am working with Dr. Benham Pourdeyhimi and Dr. Oxenham in developing novel structures and yarns to address the needs for future health care applications and other areas.

Ashish Kapoor – PhD FPS
ashish kapoor

Ashish Kapoor received his M.Tech degree in Textile Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India in 2015 and is currently in the Ph.D. program at Wilson College of Textiles, North Carolina State University majoring in Fiber and Polymer Science along with a minor in Electrical Engineering. His research focuses on development of fiber based active sensory textiles and photoresponsive polymer based actuators for soft robotics applications. He received the NC State University’s Provost Doctoral Recruitment Fellowship for 2015-16 and DAAD Rise Pro Fellowship 2018.
Please find me at or contact at

Alexa Kearns – MS TE

KearnsAlexa Kearns graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2014 with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. At NAU she completed a project creating a charging station for small electronic devises using old solar panels donated by the university. After relocating to North Carolina, she is pursuing a master’s degree in textile engineering. She is sponsored by Cotton Inc. to work on using cotton as a filament in 3D printing. Outside of academics, Alexa is an active participant in NC State’s triathlon club and enjoys baking.

Imon Khan – MS TE

I am in my first year of Master of Science in Textile Engineering at North Carolina State University. I was born and raised in Bangladesh and received my Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2010. Since the day after my undergrad completion till the week before my first class at NC State, I was working in various positions with internationally recognized companies. I have worked in COATS Dye House Production for almost a year, in BASF as Segment Leader, Technical Business Development for Textile Chemicals Division for two+ years and in DECATHLON as Production Leader, mainly developing and integrating innovative sportswear fabrics for the last two and half years. I decided to pursue my higher education here at NC State to re-focus my career and of course to fulfill my inner quest for the knowledge in this arena.

Inhwan Kim – PhD FPS
Inhwan Kim

Hello, I am Inhwan Kim, a PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science. I am an awardee of VF Graduate Research Assistantship for Apparel and Footwear in relation to my research topic on inkjet printing smart textiles for wearable electronics. My research area includes chemical and physical characterization of functional inks, interface between fiber forming polymers and the inks, optimizing process conditions and application to wearable systems. I also have a few previous research experiences about human sensibility studies of textiles, dyestuff, and social psychological impact of textile industry. I am currently working at NEXT research group, under the direction of Dr. Jesse Jur. I received B.S. and M.S. in Clothing and Textiles from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea with double major of B.A. in Economics. I had an amazing exchange student experience in the sophomore year of my undergraduate program at UC Davis, and a work experience at Hyundai Mobis let me have visions in global business. I had somewhat incongruous experiences compared to traditional engineers and scientists, but I believe they strengthened my interdisciplinary perspectives. After I successfully complete the research project and dissertation, I plan to be a researcher who can bridge academia and industry.

Hannah Kolell – MS TC
Hannah Kolell

I am a second-year graduate student in the Textile Chemistry program at North Carolina State University’s Wilson College of Textiles. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana in May of 2017. I am currently a member of Dr. Harold Freeman’s research group where I am working on the synthesis of novel dye molecules for the purpose of improving the dyeing of polyethylene medical devices. This project is at the intersection of my interests in organic chemistry, biochemistry and textile science. Some of my previous research includes an REU at the University of Southern Mississippi School of Polymers on a project involving drug molecule synthesis.

Sajeesh Kulappurath – PhD FPS

My name is Sajeesh Kumar Kulappurath, a PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science program in Wilson College of Textiles. Currently I am working under Dr. Renzo Shamey and my research is focused on the effect of texture on the color perception of multi-colored complex patterns. Prior to joining NC State University in 2013, I have completed my Bachelor in Textile Technology from D.K.T.E’s Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji, India in 2005 and Master in Textile Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India in 2007. After that, I have worked as Research and Development Manager in Trident Group, Punjab, India for 4 Years, mainly focused on the Product development and Quality assurance of Home textiles. In 2010, I have joined world’s third largest producer of home furnishing textiles, D’Decor Exports, Mumbai, India as Product development and Quality Assurance Manager and worked until I got an offer from NC State University for PhD in Fall 2013. My research interests include Color measurement, Color perception, Color management, Image texture analysis, Digital image processing, Computer vision, Image quality and Psychophysical assessment of Colored materials.

Praveen Kumar – MS TE

Praveen Kumar graduated from Anna University, Chennai, India in 2014 with a B.Tech in Textile Technology. After completing his under graduation, he worked as a research assistant at Texas Tech University for a year.  At Texas Tech he worked on projects like Graphene Coated Nonwoven Natural Sorbents, Sustainable Sorbents for Toxic Oil Spill Clean Up and Ebola Protection.  He was also managing day-to-day activities of the laboratory with key responsibilities involving managing proper functioning of state-of-the art instruments such as Instron instrument to evaluate the mechanical properties of materials, Pilot Needle Punching Machine, Electrospinning set-up and Quantachrome BET Surface Area Analyzer. He is also a member of AATCC. His area of interest is on nonwovens, quality assurance, mechanics of materials, statistics and composites.

Patrapee Kungsadalpipob – MS TE
Patrapee Kungsadalpipob

My name is Patrapee Kungsadalpipob a graduate student of Textile Engineering from Thailand. I graduated in May 2016 with a B.S. in Materials Science especially in Polymer and Textile from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and concentration in Cellulosic Materials. Studying in the college of Textiles, NC state University which is the best worldwide in the field will broaden my opportunities after my graduation.

Bella Latham – MS TE
Bella Latham

I grew up in Raleigh and just graduated in May with a B.S. in Textile Technology. Being a member of Kappa Tau Beta Textile Leadership Fraternity, researching the emissivity of coatings on nonwoven fabrics and working in the Dean’s Suite as a Dean’s Page were my favorite ways I was involved in the Wilson College of Textiles as an undergraduate. My favorite thing about the TT program was the wide variety of courses that were available, and I am excited to continue this wide variety in my graduate degree. I wanted to continue my education to learn more about textile design and engineering and how they work together, so I plan to take a mixture of design and engineering courses. I am interested in performance textiles and how textiles interact with the human body. I love the Wolfpack and I could not be happier to have two more years here!

Eunsil Lee – PhD FPS

I am a PhD Candidate in the Fiber & Polymer Science program, and my research interests include development of novel/ high performance micro-/nanofibrous membrane for filtration applications; air filtration, water desalination, and etc. I grew up in Seoul, Korea, and my interests in textiles led me to earn my BSc and MSc in Clothing & Textiles from Yonsei University, 2009 and 2014, respectively. I began to focus in textile engineering as I was attracted by cutting-edge textile technologies during my exchange student study at University of Brighton, U.K. in 2007. Consequently, I continued my study at the graduate school with a concentration in Nanomaterials and Biomaterials in Textiles, and completed it with master’s thesis of Fabrication of lignin nanofibers using electrospinning and evaluation of the antimicrobial property and biodegradability. After I received MSc, I have worked at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) as an intern researcher, and gratefully, the experience not only broadened my research area to polymer nanocomposites, but also motivated me to see the necessity of pursuing further PhD study for independent research. Here, at NC State University, I would like to learn how to think initiatively and how to develop research systematically, so to be a person who contributes one’s research and given opportunities to the society and future fiber scientists.

Jingyao Li – PhD FPS

Hello, my name is Jingyao Li. I am from Xi’an, China and I received my Bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang Sci-Tech Univeristy in 2013. I decided to further my education in America where I completed a  M.S. degree in Textile Chemistry from North Carolina State University in 2015. I am currently in my first year as a PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science. I have been working under Dr. Michielsen since 2014 and focusing on bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) on textiles. I watched many documentaries about forensic science at a young age and developed a strong interest in this field. I have been asked many times, “What does forensic science have to do with textiles?” The answer is simple, blood is more frequently found on textile surfaces (eg. T-shirts, bed sheets, carpet, curtains) at a crime scene than on any other substance. However, there are not many forensic scientists that are as familiar with textiles as our professors from Wilson College of Textiles. I believe that North Carolina State University has one of the best Wilson College of Textiles schools in the nation because of our dedicated and experienced professors to help students succeed through research. I’m glad that I have this opportunity to do research at Wilson College of Textiles, which fulfills my interest in both apparel and forensic science. Since there hasn’t been many BPA studies done on textile surfaces, I hope my research can successfully help investigators collect information from crime scenes more efficiently than before.

Shuangjing Liang – MS TC

I’m in my second year as a MS Candidate in Textile Chemistry. Currently I’m under Dr. Gao’s supervision, studying electrical properties of Graphene/Polymer fibers.  I was born and raised in Guilin, China. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Light Chemical Engineering from Shaanxi University of Science & Technology in 2014. Wilson College of Textiles has world-class researchers and scholars working on a broad range of fields, which gave me the chance to learn a little bit of everything from the most classic textile principles to the newest technologies and methods. Now I would like to narrow down my interest in smart materials which can apply to consumer products.  I wish to find a position in innovative companies in the future.

Emily Lichtenberger – PHD FPS
Emily Lichtenberger

Emily Lichtenberger is a PhD candidate in the Fiber and Polymer Science program under the direction of Dr. Nelson Vinueza. She began her PhD in the fall of 2014 with a keen interest in analytical instrumentation and forensic science. The current opiate crisis and her passion to better evaluate evidence in a methodical, unbiased manner for straightforward identification and prosecution of the appropriate parties led to her current research. Her focus is in developing efficient controlled substance analysis methods using microfluidics and mass spectrometry. Besides her research, she is a laboratory assistant in the Forensic & Analytical lab where she trains individuals on various analytical instruments and executes innovative chemical analysis for external clients.

Huifeng Liu – MS TE

My name is Huifeng and I am currently a master student pursuing the MS in Textile Engineering. I earned my B.S. in Textile Engineering from Anhui Polytechnic University, China. I have done some research on fiber reinforced composite in 2014. Now, I am interested in Nonwoven Science and Technology.

Wenbo Liu – PhD FPS

My name is Wenbo Liu, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering at Donghua University. Then I attended NC State as a 3+X program student in Fall 2013, and completed my MS degree. Now I’m a student in FPS program in pursuit of my PhD degree with Dr. Stephen Michielsen. I am interested in surface modification of fabrics using both chemical and physical methods. I enjoy in learning and exploring and hope to work in Textile and Material industry after my graduation.

Wenyue Liu – MS TE

I am Wenyue LIU, a first year student in Textile Engineering @ NC State. I got my Bachelor in Chemical Technology from Hong Kong Polytechnic University HK and Bachelor in Chemistry from Sun Yat-sen University CN in 2014. I am interested in energy storage devices development, which is Dr. Zhang and Dr. Gao’s research area, and that is why I apply for this program. When I came to NC State, I also generated interest on programming and algorithm (Dr. Joines). The great researching diversity of the Wilson College of Textiles gives me chance to understand various interesting areas. I would like to find a job after graduation rather than continuing for a PhD degree.

Yixin Liu – MS TC

My name is Yixin Liu, I am from Urumqi, China. I received my Bachelor of Dyeing and Finishing Engineering from Jiangnan University, China. I was previously a 3+x student from Jiangnan University in 2014. Now I am a Textile Chemistry (TC) graduate student in Dr. Freeman’s group at NC State. I am doing my Master’s thesis related to reactive dyes and cotton. I really love doing researches in this field. My favorites: Photography, sometime play the guitar, and some video games.

Meghan Lord – MS TC

My name is Meghan Lord. I am from Raleigh, NC and earned a BS in Polymer Color Chemistry from NC State in May 2016. I worked for National Spinning in Burlington, NC for a year and a half. When the dyeing operation at National Spinning was sold to Unifi I applied and was accepted to the Masters of Textile Chemistry program at NC State.

Chunhong Lu – PhD FPS

I am originally from Jiangsu, China. I got my bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering from Donghua University, Shanghai, China and then I started my journey in the US in 2011. I earned my Master’s degree in Textile and Apparel Technology from University of Texas at Austin and worked as Fabric Specialist in Intradeco Apparel, Florida for a short period of time. Fortunately I became a PhD student in FPS since Fall 2014 at the Wilson College of Textiles at NC State University. My current research is about the gel spinning of lignin-polymer fibers, under the direction of Dr. Ericka Ford. This place gives me great opportunity and enjoyment to learn new techniques, obtain valuable suggestions from advisors, peers or other staff, gain experience of leadership by mentoring undergraduate students, etc. We are on the way to become better and stronger while we are studying here.

Yao Lu – PhD FPS

Yao Lu received his Bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering from Donghua University in 2011 and Master’s degree in Textile Engineering in 2012. He is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Fiber and Polymer Science in Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University. His research mainly focuses on advanced nanofiber preparation methods and electrode materials for energy storage systems.

Zhenhua Luo

My name is Zhenhua Luo. I was born in Wuhan which is a city in the central part of China. I received my undergraduate degree in Textile Engineering from Wuhan Textile University. During my undergraduate period, my research focused on nanofibers prepared from bacterial cellulose template. I was inspired by the interdisciplinary nature of textile and decided to pursue my master’s degree at NC State. Now my search interest is the biomedical application of textile.

Ambica Manepalli – MS TC

I am a Graduate student at NC State University pursuing a MS in Textile Chemistry. I completed my Bachelors in Chemical Technology (specialized in Fibers and Textile Processing Technology) from Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai, India. As a textile chemist, I wanted to strengthen my knowledge and pursue my interests in the field of textile and material chemistry, fundamental properties of polymers, surface modification and coatings, textile finishing and testing. This encouraged me to apply to the Wilson College of Textiles which is one of the highest ranking textile colleges in the world. So far, NC State has helped me mold into a strong individual enhancing my professional communication and organizational skills. I wish to carry out research in the field of Textiles from one of the top companies after I graduate in May.

Madilynn McCollum – MS TC

Madilynn, a Nashville, Tennessee native, is a first year graduate student pursuing her Masters in Textile Chemistry with a minor in Textile Technology. Before joining the Wolfpack here at NC State, she studied at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Tennessee in 2014 while also receiving her Secondary Education Teaching License in 2015. Although she enjoyed teaching in the high school setting, she wasn’t quite ready to stop being a student. She is thrilled to be continuing her education at such a renowned institution. Madilynn has always had a passion for textiles and enjoys taking classes about a variety of different topics including chemical auxiliaries, woven design and forensics. She works as a graduate teaching assistant for the Wilson College of Textiles teaching an undergraduate level Textile Wet Processing Lab.

Courtney Oswald – MS TE
Courtney Oswald

My name is Courtney Oswald and I am from Lovettsville, Virginia. I graduated from NC State with a Bachelor’s of Science in Textile Engineering in May 2018 and I am continuing my education to pursue a Master’s of Science in Textile Engineering through the ABM program. I have participated in several internships at companies including Gildan Yarns, HanesBrands Inc., and ITG at Burlington Labs. I am interested in pursuing a career in R&D for protective and performance textiles. This area of interest led me to pursue research with TPACC under Dr. DenHartog during my time as an undergrad to develop a new moisture management test using the guarded sweating hot plate, which examines transitional heat loss of fabrics.

Jasmine Park – PhD FPS

I graduated summa cum laude from Fort Lewis College with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in chemistry and minoring in mathematics. I was able to participate in two REU programs during this time: one at Fort Lewis College and the other at the Shannon Point Marine Center in Anacortes, WA. I was also fortunate to receive two scholarships to study abroad in Okinawa for a year, studying Japanese. I chose to pursue a PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science at NC State University to study materials with real world applications that will directly benefit the people that use them. I hope to use the knowledge I gain here in an industry career where I may advocate for women in STEM.

Yaewon Park – PhD FPS

I am Yaewon Park, a second year PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science at North Carolina State University, also expected to graduate with Graduate Certificate in Nonwoven Science and Technology. I hold my BS and MS in Clothing and Textiles from Seoul National University, South Korea. My current research is on development of multifunctional electrospun web employing surface treatment with nanomaterials under the direction of Dr. Ericka Ford. Seeking to continue my research career after graduation. My research interests include: 1) Nonwoven materials fabrication for protective application; 2) Inorganic nanoparticle application in fibers and polymers; 3) Sustainable textile materials development.

Jasmine Phillips – MS TC
Jasmine Phillips

Jasmine Phillips is a first-year graduate student pursuing her Masters in Textile Chemistry at NC State University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Savannah State University in 2017. She has always been fascinated by the beauty of chemistry and by continuing her education in the textile chemistry graduate program, she hopes to further her knowledge of textile principles and explore the new and advanced methods and technology within a vast range of fields. She is honored to be continuing her education at a renown and prestigious institution such as North Carolina State University and hopes to make a great contribution to the program’s current and future studies while exploring the diverse applications of textiles alongside esteemed professionals and scholars to prepare for a future career in research and development.

Chandler Probert – MS TE
Chandler Probert

I attended NC State for my undergrad where I studied Polymer and Color Chemistry. During my four years I learned all about the synthesis, properties, and structures of polymers and now I want to further my education and learn how I can use my knowledge for application. I gained valuable experience during my undergraduate research course, where I worked with chemical simulants used in firefighter suit testing and internship, where I worked on various projects for HanesBrands. Now I will begin a new adventure where I can focus on a topic that is all my own. My field of research is still undetermined, but I am extremely interested in Personal Protective Equipment, Nonwovens, or Coatings/Adhesives. I am excited to return to school and continue my education at the best university in North Carolina. Go Pack!!

Harshini Ramakrishna – PhD FPS

I am from Chennai, India. I received my Bachelors degree in Textile Technology from Anna University, India. I came to the Wilson College of Textiles in 2013 to pursue a Master’s in Textile Engineering. After completing my Master’s I decided to continue my PhD in the COT. My research is on developing biodegradable scaffolds for soft tissue junction. Upon graduation, I hope to enter into medical textiles industry with my immense knowledge gained from the COT.

 Taslim Ur Rashid – PhD FPS
Taslim Rashid

I, Taslim Ur Rashid from Bangladesh, am a PhD student of Fiber and Polymer Science program in the Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science department at the North Carolina State University. I received my Masters and Bachelor degrees from the department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The major works in my previous research focused on the modification of the properties of biopolymers, preparation and application of biocomposites etc. I am now working on electrospinnable polymeric materials under the joint supervision of Dr. Russell E. Gorga and Dr. Wendy E. Krause. Outside of academics, I enjoy volunteering in different meaningful programs in the campus. I love decent and colorful weather, peaceful life and friendly people in Raleigh and adore the amazing facilities of James B. Hunt Jr. Library of NC State University. I hope my research and experiences from NC State will help me to achieve my future goals.

 Preeti Rawat – PhD FPS
Preeti Rawat

My name is Preeti Rawat and I am from India. I am a second year PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science. My current research is in area of “Functional Electrospun Membranes for Toxin Capture”, under the supervision of Dr. Ericka Ford. I have my undergraduate degree in Man Made Fiber Technology from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, India, and my master’s degree in Textile Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IITD), India. I have two years of teaching experience and two years of industry experience. My research interest includes surface modification of polymers, nanocomposites, affinity filtration and other advanced nonwovens applications.

Qingyuan Ren – MS TE

My name is Qingyuan Ren and I am a 3+X program student from Donghua University in China. In Donghua University, I majored in Textile Engineering, specifically, Technical Textile, and the specialized courses I took there can be classified as textile composites and biomedical textile. I decided to be a TECS student not only because the Wilson College of Textiles at NC State University is excellent, but also I realize textiles have a wide range of practical applications in our daily life.  I want to make my study serve the practical purpose. Now I’m here pursuing my master degree.  The area most interests me is technical textiles. I dream to do some relevant works and add some additional functions to those common garments, and let the traditional textile products to have more additional values. I know this is not a simple thing, but I will try my best to pursue it.

Erin Roberts – PhD FPS
Erin Roberts

I’m an Appalachian-mountains-born, late-night-giggling, oil-painting, popcorn-snacking kind of girl. In the future, I hope to design innovative textiles that help the global population. From biomedical applications to agricultural advances, I am intrigued with the intersection of design, materials, and social good. Currently, I am a second year Ph.D. student in Fiber and Polymer Science at North Carolina State University’s Wilson College of Textiles. I am studying advanced meltblown structures under the direction of Dr. Pourdeyhimi, the director of The Nonwovens Institute, as well as Dr. Scope of Mann+Hummel. Throughout my time at the Wilson College of Textiles, I have become passionate about environmental sustainability, Cradle to Cradle design, and the textile industry’s ability to foster positive global change. I founded Greater Good, an ethically minded textiles organization that advocates for environmental sustainably and worker’s rights, and plan to continue designing for a more sustainable future. Please feel free to reach out at

Elnaz Shabani – PhD FPS
Elnaz Shabani

My name is Elnaz Shabani and am from north of Iran. I graduated with a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Chemical/Polymer Engineering from Tehran, poly-technique University and currently, I’m pursuing a PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science at NC state university. Under the direction of Dr. Russell Gorga, I am conducting a research on developing/optimizing a newly proposed melt electrospinning technique, called ‘unconfined melt electrospinning’ for producing nanofibers with higher production rate and more versatility. Studying PhD here at NC state university has been such an amazing experience for me. The most enjoyable part of the PhD for me is when I’m working in the lab while teaching undergraduate students about my research. One day I hope to be able to be a mentor and teach my experiences to the students while exploring the world of science. Outside of academics, I enjoy going to gym, I follow fashion and I enjoy spending time with my husband.

Jialong Shen – PhD FPS

Jialong Shen received his Bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering from Donghua University, Shanghai, China in 2011 and Master’s degree in Textile Engineering in 2012 at NC State University. He is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Fiber and Polymer Science under the direction of Prof. Alan E. Tonelli. His research revolves around the investigation of the polymer structure-property relationships through 1) the aid of their formation of non-covalent inclusion complexes (ICs) with and their subsequent coalescence from the hosts, 2) the synthesis of model polymers that warrant systematic study of their properties (e.g., Tg) in relation to their detailed chemical structures, and 3) the evaluation of polymers’ conformations using Rotational Isomeric States (RIS) model.

Bhavya Singhi – MS TC
Bhavya Singhi

I am from India and I completed a B.Tech. degree in Fibers and Textile Processing at Institute of Chemical Technology. During my undergraduate studies, I developed interest in technical textile materials and their applications. I was always fascinated by chemistry and decided to pursue a degree in textile chemistry at NC State. After completing my masters degree I joined the PhD program in Fiber and Polymer Science.  My research work focuses on developing a wet spinning process for bacterial polyester with controlled drug release applications. Being at Wilson College of Textiles has provided me with a lot of great opportunities which have helped me to develop a lot of personal skills.

Ryan Smith – MS TE

My name is Ryan Smith and I am from Deer Park, Texas, a city right outside of Houston. I graduated in December of 2015 with a B.S. in Textile Technology and a concentration in Medical Textiles. I am now a first-year graduate student in the Textile Engineering program. As a member of Dr. Martin King’s Biomedical Textiles Group, I plan to focus my research on biomedical engineering and tissue engineering applications. I have experience as an R&D Intern for ATEX Technologies, Inc. and as an undergraduate teaching assistant. Currently, I am a graduate teaching assistant for Dr. Martin King.

Charles Stewart – PhD FPS

I earned my BS in Textile Chemistry from NC State University in 1977, my MS in Textile Engineering from Georgia Tech in 1979. I enjoyed a 20 year international career in textile dyeing and wet processing before starting Tumbling Colors in 1999. With Tumbling Colors, I am focused on local and sustainable manufacturing.

Xinyi Sui – Phd fps

I spent 3 years in Jiangnan University studying textile chemistry. The Wilson College of Textiles at NC State University is known to be one of the most famous textile schools in the US and it is my honor to have the chance to become a member of this excellent academia circle. So after I finished my Master’s degree in 2017, I decided to pursue my PhD degree in Fiber and Polymer Science program. Currently my research focus is on the study of degradation product from the textile auxiliaries of cotton through mass spectrometry.

Nadia Sultana – PhD FPS

I am Nadia from Bangladesh. I completed my undergraduate degree from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh with Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering major in March 2013. I started my doctoral study in the Fiber and Polymer Science Program in the Fall 2014. My graduate research focuses on Forensics Trace Analysis, Dye Chemistry and Science. Main tools I have been utilizing for my research are Mass Spectrometry, High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Microfluidics. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Nelson Vinueza.

Jordan Tabor – phd fps

I am a research and teaching assistant for the Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science. My undergraduate degree (Textile Technology, 2015) and master’s degree (Textile Engineering, 2016) were completed at NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles. My master’s thesis research explored structure-property relationships of nonwoven materials while my current PhD research focuses on developing flexible, textile-based sensors for prosthetic devices. Beyond my academic studies, I enjoy participating in the RTP chapter of Graduate Women in Science, traveling, hiking, and reading.

Xiaoqi Tang – MS TE

I’m Xiaoqi Tang, from China. Now I’m working in Dr. King’s research group as a master student in TE program. I received my bachelor’s degree from Donghua University, Shanghai, in 2015. During that time, I was focusing on the friction properties of sutures made of different materials. Last year, I came to U.S. as part of the “3+X” program. Meanwhile, I was studying the degradation of PLA yarns. Now, I’m working on the Muscle Tendon Spacer fabric. I hope my passion in research and textile will take me further in my career.

Prakash Ravji Vaid – MS TE
Prakash Vaid

I am from mumbai, India. I am here to contribute something from my side for the betterment of society and to make life meaningful. Since my childhood I have been surrounded by various textile sectors and it intrigued me to do majors in textile engineering. I want to combine textile with diverse discipline. NC state is a great platform to accomplish my goal. I am happy to be a part of COT and Wolfpack.

Radhika Vaid – PhD FPS
Vaid Radhika 2

I am Radhika Vaid from India, pursing PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science program at NC State. Prior to this I did my B.Tech in Textile Engineering (Jawahar Lal Govt. Engg. College, H.P) and  M.Tech in Fiber, Science and Technology ( IIT Delhi) in India . Thereafter, I have worked as a Scientist in polymer and fiber research at Aditya Birla Group, Mumbai. After job I decided to do PhD at NC State, at the best college of textiles globally, in order to strengthen my research fundamentals and explore the upcoming trends in fiber and polymers apart from conventional apparel use. In future I want to implement these materials for advanced applications through intensive high end research.

Swathi Vikraman – MS TC

I am from Tamil Nadu, India. I completed my undergraduate in Textile Technology from K.S.R College of technology, Tamil Nadu , India in the year 2013. After my undergraduate I worked for a year in a buying house as Merchandiser in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. From that time I was interested in the chemistry that involves in polymers and structures. I came to NC State to improve my knowledge in the field of textile chemistry.  I was very fortunate to study in such an esteemed university.

Ashish Virmani – PhD FPS
Ashish Virmani

Hello, My name is Ashish Virmani. I have done my diploma in Plastic Technology, after that I have done my bachelors in Chemical (specialization in Polymer) and then Masters in Polymer Technology and now pursuing my PhD in Fiber & Polymer Science. Awestruck by polymer and its varied application from golf balls to parts of our body, I tried to learn and still learning that how we can alter the properties of polymer to suit a specific application. For that purpose I have done few projects related to green composite, biodegradability of polymers and still want to dig in the fields of polymer to explore something new.

Adam Watts – PHD FPS
Adam Watts

My name is Adam Watts and I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Western Washington University in Plastics and Composites Engineering. I am a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Fiber & Polymer Science because of NC State’s specialization in textile protection and comfort performance. Many of my academic interests surround interdisciplinary problems that allow me to combine mathematics, computer science, fiber and polymeric science. Some of the include chemical kinetics and its application to degradation and polymerization, mathematical modeling and data analysis, heat and mass transport problems. My current research has been applying and writing a MATLAB script for combinatorial methods applied to isoconversional analysis for the cure kinetics of benzoxazine resin. Beyond Academics, I am an avid hiker and mountaineer having climbed Mt. Rainier and hiked the Wonderland trail.

Shuzhen Wei – MS TC
Shuzhen Wei

I am Shuzhen Wei, from Zhejiang,China. In Fall 2018, I start my PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science, with focus on the advancement of smart textiles. In Spring 2016, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Textile Chemistry from Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China. Afterwards, I enrolled in 3+X program and obtained Master’s degree in Textile Chemistry. Life is a journey full of surprises, let’s enjoy!

Jessica Whalen – MS TE

My name is Jessica Whalen. I received my Bachelors degree from North Carolina State University in Textile Technology with a focus on Medical Textiles. I am currently working on my Masters degree in Textiles through the off campus option. I have lived and worked full time in Michigan as a Textile Engineer at Magna Seating for the past 3 years. I thoroughly enjoy being a textile engineer and I want to expand upon my current knowledge so that I may understand textiles more, and thus enjoy it even more.

Tova Williams – PhD FPS

I am a PhD student in the Fiber and Polymer Science program and a 2015 NSF Fellow and an IMSD Graduate Scholar.  Under the direction of Dr. Harold S. Freeman, I am conducting research pertaining to computer-aided design of sustainable dye precursors for keratin fibers.  I am a 2014 graduate of North Carolina State University, where I completed a B.S. degree in Polymer and Color Chemistry with Summa Cum Laude honors.  Beyond my academic studies, I am committed to mentoring other young women and engaging in outreach activities including partnering with local schools to provide science education.

Jiaying Wu – MS TC

I am Jiaying Wu and I came from Zhejiang, China. I got my bachelor degree of engineering from school of materials and textiles, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University with a specialty of Light Chemistry Engineering. During my bachelor’s course, while being in the top 5% students in academic ranking, I also understood more about the textile and learned the beauty of chemistry. That is the main reason why I determined to further study in Textile Chemistry.

 Yu Xie – PhD FPS

I am from Southwest part of China. I received my bachelor degree of Textile Engineering in Southwest University in my hometown. Interested in researches and attracted by textile programs and research directions here. I came to NC State for further study and graduated in 2014 with a degree of MS in Textile Engineering. I am currently enrolled in the FPS program as a PhD student  and I still focus my research on medical textile grafts designing and fabrication, mechanical and biological evaluation.

Nian Xiong – Phd fps
Nian Xiong

Hi I am Nian, a PhD student working on color science and imaging. I come from a beautiful city Wuhan in China. After graduation from UC Davis, I have switched my research direction from polymer science to color science. Now I have been working in the color science and image processing for almost two years and found myself really interested in it. My research involves color image processing and the psychophysical experiment, which are really interesting component of the computer vision area. I am on my way to be a color/image scientist.

Shixin Xu – MS TE

My name is Shixin Xu and I am from Shanghai, China. I got my undergraduate degree from Wilson College of Textiles, Donghua University, and majored in Biomedical Textile Material and Technology. My main focus is in biotextiles engineering. I have chosen the TECS program so that I can continue learning about biomedical products development. I also want to learn all necessary skills to design biotextiles products.

Lili Yang – MS TE

My name is Lili Yang and I am from WenZhou, a beautiful coastal city in the southeast of China. I studied at Non-woven Material and Engineering at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (ZSTU) for three years. Now, I attend the Wilson College of Textiles at NC State as a 3+X program student, majoring in Textile Engineering. The reason why I choose NC State is that it has the best Textile College in the world and I want to be a part of it, studying advanced knowledge and technology, gaining more experience, as well as meeting different people here. “Think and Do it”, I hope after two years studying, I can become more creative and achieve my dream in textile field.

Xintong Yang – MS TE
Xintong Yang

My name is Xintong Yang and I come from China. I graduated from Jiangnan University in Wuxi and attended 3+x program during that time. Now I am a second-year master in NC State University and my major is textile engineering. I transferred to non-thesis master in last semester under the guidance of Professor Melissa. I am interested in bio-textile so most of my class is about that. I like my university, my major and hope can broaden my horizons in the future.

Tong Yao – PhD FPS

I am currently a PhD candidate studying Fiber and Polymer Science at the North Carolina State University Wilson College of Textiles. I received my master’s degree in Textile Engineering in 2012 at NC State University as well. I have been doing research on biomedical textiles since 2010. The main research topics of my studies are focusing on evaluating the long term performance of endovascular stent grafts. New testing methods and testing equipment for medical devices were designed and developed during my five years of study in NC State while working with Dr. Martin W. King. I was very fortunate to find research topics in biomedical materials here in NC State since this is the field I am interested in.

lanjun Yin – MS TE

My name is Lanjun Yin. I come from Shandong, China and have studied Textile Engineering in Jiangnan University for three years. I came to NC State via 3+X program to pursue graduate degrees. I am so thankful for the incredible opportunities that I have been given for better education.  I hope I will persist in developing high-technology and environment-friendly textiles. As the saying goes, I am a slow walker, but I never walk back. I believe that I will make a contribution to a better world.

Yue Yuan – PHD FPS
Yue Yuan

Yue Yuan began working with functional clothing at Wuhan Textile University where she received a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Yue continued research in functional fibers (superhydrophobic, antibacterial and drug loaded etc.) at Kansas State University (KSU), where she was affiliated to the Nanotechnology and Innovation Center of Kansas State (NICKS) and graduated with a master’s degree. Yue joined the NCSU in fall 2017 and now is pursuing her doctorate degree in Fiber and Polymer Science (minor in biochemistry) under the direction of Dr. Sonja Salmon. Her research focus on immobilizing enzymes into/onto polymeric materials and protein-polymer interactions. In her (limited) free time, Yue enjoys developing scientific communication activities for the community and she was one of the 2016-2017 science communication fellows in Manhattan, KS area. Yue has been a college football fun since 2015, the colors of autumn are purple and red to her.

Cody Zane – MS TE

I am from Montville, NJ and am starting the Masters portion of the Accelerated Bachelors/Master Program here at NC State.  I recently graduated in December with my Bachelor’s Degree in Polymer and Color Chemistry.  I am working under the tutelage of both Dr. Melissa Pasquinelli and Dr. Nelson Vinueza.  Under their guidance I am studying inclusion complexes of beta-cyclodextrin and flame retardants with the use of molecular modeling and mass spectrometry.  Once I achieve my Master’s Degree I will pursue a PhD.  One day I hope to be able to expand the knowledge of mass spectrometry within the textile field.

Fan Zhang – PhD FPS
Fan Zhang

Fan Zhang is a first-year PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science. Prior to that, she received her MS degree and BE degree in Textile Engineering from NC State University Wilson College of Textiles, and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University College of Materials and Textiles, respectively. Majoring in Fiber and Polymer Science and minoring in Biomedical Engineering, her research interests include biomaterials, tissue engineering and their application in medical devices. Specifically, she has been working with Dr. Martin King on tissue-engineered vascular grafts using novel collagen yarns and collagen nanofibers, and successfully fabricated the prototype grafts from the pure rat-tail collagen with sufficient mechanical strength and superior biological performance.

Nanshan Zhang – PhD FPS

My name is Nanshan Zhang, a PhD candidate in FPS program in the Wilson College of Textiles. I received my bachelor’s degree in Textile Testing and Business from Donghua University in Shanghai, China. I came to NC State University in a “3+X” program in 2010 and had my master’s degree in Textile Engineering. I have great interests in functional textiles and materials, and my projects in master and PhD (anionic cotton and next generation flame retardants) are both relevant to this area. I love Raleigh and NC State University for many reasons: decent weather, peaceful life, friendly people, The Great Smoky Mountain, Wilmington Beach… And I’m proud to be a part of the Wolfpack. GO PACK!

Runqian Zhang – MS TC

As a student in 3+X program from Jiangnan University,Jiangsu Province, China,  it is my first year at NC State University for the Master of Science in Textile Chemistry. I spent three years in studying Textile Chemistry in Jiangnan University, and after three months studying in the Wilson College of Textiles at NC State University, I found there are more opportunities for me to focus on what I am really interested in, which inspire me a lot. Hope I can spend two meaningful years at NC State.

Yuyun Zhao – MS TE

I am Yuyun Zhao and I am from Zhejiang, China. I am a 3+X student from Donghua University, Shanghai and now I am pursuing a master degree in the Wilson College of Textiles. When in Donghua University, my major was Textiles and Materials and I obtained a lot of knowledge about nonwovens, knitting, spinning and design of woven fabrics. After learning those classes, I became interested in different manufacture procedures in textiles and different fabric materials with different properties. So I want to learn more and do some researches about textile technology and engineering.

Jiadeng Zhu – PhD FPS
Jiadeng Zhu

I received my B.S. degree in Macromolecular Materials & Engineering from Soochow University, China and M.S. degree in Textile Engineering from Chonbuk National University, Korea. I am currently pursuing my PhD degree in Fiber and Polymer Science under the direction of Dr. Xiangwu Zhang. My research interest spans from materials synthesis, electrochemistry, and cell design to advanced characterizations with the goal of understanding the synthesis-structure-performance relationship in energy-related materials and their underlying reaction mechanisms. My current research focuses on lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium/sodium-ion batteries, thin film, polymer synthesis, and carbon-based materials’ applications.

Minchao Zhu – MS TE

I am Minchao Zhu, a 3+X student from Jiangnan University, and this is my second year as a graduate student in the Wilson College of Textiles. My major is textile engineering. My hometown is Suzhou, a small city near Shanghai. Currently, I am working under Dr.Oxenham to finish my master degree. And the reason for coming to NC State is its leading status in textile industry among universities worldwide, and hoping the experience would help me for my future career.

Yunjia Zhu – MS TE

My name is Yunjia Zhu. I am from China. I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Jiangnan University. I thought I can learn more advanced knowledge about textile engineering at NC State University College of textile so I came here in 2014 as a 3+X student. It is the second year of my MS in Textile Engineering. I am now working on knitted fabric with conductive yarns that used in wireless power transfer.  I wish my research would come to be a real product in the future.