MS Textile Chemistry

The Master of Science in Textile Chemistry degree program emphasizes the fundamental principles of polymer science, dyeing and finishing technology, color science, dye chemistry, and fiber formation. Our program is highly relevant to many of the chemical, retail and textile industries, as well as environmental, medical and forensic science. Graduates of Textile Chemistry are recruited by a broad range of companies, such as DuPont, Proctor & Gamble, Nike, General Motors, fiber and textile companies all over the globe, and state and federal agencies involved with forensic science.

The MS TC program offers two options: Option A (Thesis Degree) and Option B (Non-Thesis Degree). The MS TC (Option B) can be taken either on campus or entirely by distance.

Graduate Program Deadlines
For Fall Semester: June 25 for U.S. students; March 1 for international students
For Spring Semester: November 25 for U.S. students; July 15 for international students

Dr. Emiel DenHartog, Associate Professor, TECS Associate Department Head and Director of Graduate Programs,

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