MS Textile Engineering

The Master of Science in Textile Engineering degree program offers unique educational and research opportunities within the domain of textile materials, structures, machines, and processes. The program is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing upon mathematical sciences, other engineering disciplines, and the physical sciences. Current research activities in textile engineering include electro-mechanical design, inventory and supply chain control, studies in thermal and fluid sciences, polymer and fiber science, biomedical applications of textiles, textile composites, and pollution prevention. Since our program encompasses such diverse fields of study, many of our students opt to co-major in other programs at NC State. Examples of these co-majors are statistics, bio-medical engineering, and industrial engineering.

The MS TE program offers two options: Option A (Thesis Degree) and Option B (Non-Thesis Degree).

Graduate Program Deadlines
For Fall Semester: June 25 for U.S. students; March 1 for international students
For Spring Semester: November 25 for U.S. students; July 15 for international students

Dr. Emiel DenHartog, Associate Professor, TECS Associate Department Head and Director of Graduate Programs,