Gryppers’ Komplete Shorts


Gryppers, Inc.

Team Members:

Meghan Zerkel

Erik Elder

Erica Hernandez

Roman Braga

Project Statement:

Gryppers, Inc. is a sports technology brand that manufactures high-quality, textile products & advanced technologies to maximize long-term protection & peak performance. Integrating textile technology and biomechanics into every product. We create smart, wearable ProFormance (protective + performance) Solutions & apparel designed to strengthen your everyday active lifestyle. Gryppers targets areas of the body that are most prone to strain/ injuries, examine its biomechanics, then anatomically engineers tech embedded apparel to help increase protection and performance.  The objective of this project is to develop the Gryppers’ Komplete Shorts, a product designed to help add support (protection) to three key areas – the knee, hamstring & groin. Komplete Shorts are ¾ length compression tights (girdle) that will utilizes a combination of existing and nonexisting technologies and implement them into one complete ProFormance garment; that does not hinder performance.  Key criteria for this product includes support/protection, comfort/feel, fit, hindrance on athletic performance, and lifetime of use.