Hospital Bedsheet Design

A photo of the Hospital Bedsheet Design team.

Sponsor: Lleel3a LLC

Team Members: Emma Dimig, Hannah Eberenz, Samantha Sharp, Eric Graham

Project Description: Given increasing healthcare costs, there is a need to automate aspects of patient care in hospitals, post-acute facilities and homes. Bedbound adults depend on caregivers for hygiene and are at high risk for pressure ulcers. However, due to the repeated re-positioning and turning necessary for hygiene and pressure relief, nurses and other caregivers are at increased risk for musculoskeletal injury. Often, two or more caregivers are necessary to complete the task of repositioning and hygiene/skin care. Lleel3a is developing a double sheet system for hospital beds which allows easy, automated turning to reduce lifting strain on nurses and other caregivers. The goal of this project is to add textile design into the double-sheet system to minimize patient risk for pressure ulcers.