Integration of DRYV Technology into Apparel Platforms


DRYV Technology

Team Members:

Matt Coats

Joseph Stephens

Zack Moore

Project Statement:

DRYV is a patented textile technology that integrates an absorbent exterior into moisture wicking apparel, creating a more efficient method of moisture management within a garment.  Developed for any activity where sweat inhibits performance, DRYV’s absorbent exterior allows the garment’s moisture wicking body fabric to perform its intended function, while providing the wearer with a surface area to assist in keeping hands, face and extremities dry. Historically, both the absorbent and wicking materials used in DRYV construction have been knits. As DRYV grows its list of licensed partners with products in many different categories, it is necessary to test the performance of this concept in different embodiments. Areas of particular interest include the use of woven fabrics and different methods of connecting the fabric such as lamination and bonding.  The end goal of this project will be to recommend fabrics, their performance characteristics as well as constructions methods for shorts and pants that meet and optimize the DRYV standards for wicking and absorbing.