Internship Highlight: Haley Barkley | Under Armour


Undergraduate Internship Highlight

Name:  Haley Barkley

Major(s) and Minor(s):  Polymer and Color Chemistry – Science and Operations

Classification:  Senior

Intended Graduation Date:  May 2014

How many summers have you interned since starting at NC State?  2

Company / University where you co-op’d / interned / researched this summer & its location:
Under Armour Headquarters in Baltimore, MD.

Any previous companies / universities you co-op’d / interned / researched & the dates you interned:Guilford by Lear Performance Textiles

2013 Summer Internship 

How did you find out about the internship?
Through their online hiring website.

What was the process for obtaining the internship?
First, I submitted an application online and waited for an email on whether or not I would move on to the interview round.  Once I received my email about moving on to interviews I went through a round of multiple interviews via Skype and the telephone with various people at Under Armour, such as Human Resources, the manager who I reported to, and a few other people within the Material Development department.  From there I received a phone call at the end of the week with my offer, I accepted it on the spot, and then submitted my paperwork.

Describe in a short paragraph what project(s) you worked on:
My main project over the summer was focused on updating our fabric specifications in the system.  To update the fabric specifications I had to research the test methods that we were being used, understand why we were using those tests, and finally see if there was a better, more efficient test that would yield the same results.  Also, I worked on making our fabric boards for Spring/Summer 2014 so that the designers would have a quick reference to the fabrics that were used last year.

What classes (or experiences) from NC State did you feel were valuable during your internship?
Overall, most of the PCC classes that I had taken prior to the internship helped me with knowing how finishes and dyes would react with the materials we were working work.  Specifically, TMS 211 and 212 helped me better understand fabric construction and properties that helped me with material development.  Also, my job down in the Pilot Plant taught me the real world processes that fabrics go through during development.

What kinds of things, experiences, skills, etc. did you learn on the job that other students might benefit from knowing?
I learned the process a material developer goes through when creating a new fabric for a final product; from starting with samples from a mill, to constantly communicating with the designers on what they want, and then communicating back with the mills on the adjustments that needed to be made.  Some big barriers that our developers had to go through is the time difference and language barrier between our suppliers and us.

What did you like about the working environment of the company?
The working environment at Under Armour is very fast paced and exciting.  Everyone is always giving more than 100% and no matter how busy they get you never see anyone in a bad mood because everyone is extremely happy to be there.  Also, the culture at Under Armour is like no other culture that I have ever experienced and as long as you love the culture and keep up with the expectations there is no reason you cannot thrive and be successful.

What was the best part of your internship?
Although working in my department on my project was a fantastic part of the internship, I would have to say that the way the internship program was ran was the best part.  The internship coordinator made sure we stayed in nice living facilities that allowed for all of the interns to interact and become extremely close.  Not only would we carpool together, eat together, and play sports after hours, but we also were given many activities throughout the summer to help us get to know all of the interns and other employees throughout the company.