Internship Highlight: Joseph DiCesare | Nike


Undergraduate Internship Highlight

Name: Joseph DiCesare

Major(s) and Minor(s): Textile Engineering – Product Engineering

Classification (sophomore, junior, senior): Senior

Intended Graduation Date (month & year): May 2014

How many summers have you interned since starting at NC State? One

Company / University where you co-op’d / interned / researched this summer & its location: Nike, Beaverton, Oregon

Any previous companies / universities you co-op’d / interned / researched & the dates you interned:N/A

2013 Summer Internship: 

How did you find out about the internship?  Nike’s Internship Website

What was the process for obtaining the internship?  I received an email from Nike’s Internship Recruitment Team (Ignite) stating they were impressed with my resume and academic standing. I filled out an attached questionnaire and received a phone call three days later to schedule a Skype interview.  The next day after the interview, I received a phone call from a HR representative extending me an offer for the internship position.

Describe in a short paragraph what project(s) you worked on.  Throughout the summer, I worked in the Material Operations department at Nike.  My official title was “Global Footwear Material Operations Intern.”  Four of my projects dealt with the analysis, management, and research of textiles, leather, and synthetic leather.  I worked first hand with the Operations Managers for each material type, gaining valuable knowledge of how footwear materials are managed at Nike.  I also had a summer long cross functional project where I worked with 11 other interns from different departments to solve a real issue that Nike is currently facing.

Wilson College of Textiles Alumni + Interns at Nike Summer 2013
Wilson College of Textiles Alumni + Interns at Nike Summer 2013

What classes (or experiences) from NC State did you feel were valuable during your internship? TE 110 gave me the confidence to handle a large work load on top of other responsibilities, and also the essential MS Excel competency to efficiently complete computer based tasks.  TE 302 gave me the knowledge of woven/knitted structures which sets Textile Engineering majors apart from all other Engineers at NC State.

What kinds of things, experiences, skills, etc. did you learn on the job that other students might benefit from knowing? I learned that even though you may not always retain 100% of content from a course, it is most important to retain the soft skills taken away from the entire semester.  These skills such as time management, being able to work under the pressure of deadlines, team work, and communication are essential in the work place.

Joseph DiCesare and Anita Nagavalli, interning at Nike, Summer 2013
Joseph DiCesare and Anita Nagavalli, interning at Nike, Summer 2013

What did you like about the working environment of the company?  Nike’s work environment is phenomenal.  You cannot walk down the hallway without seeing a smiling face or someone asking you how your day has been.  Campus-wide events are held weekly where everyone is invited to drop what they are doing and come celebrate the beautiful Portland summer weather.  The laidback style of the company is felt throughout the entire campus which results in many happy employees enjoying going to work every day.

What was the best part of your internship?  This is a very difficult question.  I enjoyed using the knowledge and skills I have learned throughout my college career, learning something new every day, and being at a company who is so extremely passionate about their products.  Although these are all very important aspects of my internship, I believe the best part of my internship was lifelong friends I made.  We challenged and pushed each other to do our best in our respective departments so we may all ultimately be offered entry level positions upon graduation.

COT Alumni + Interns at Nike, Summer 2013
COT Alumni + Interns at Nike, Summer 2013