Internship Highlight: Shikha Singh | Deutsche Bank


Undergraduate Internship Highlight

Name:  Shikha Singh

Major(s) and Minor(s):  Textile Engineering in Information Systems with a minor in Industrial Systems Engineering

Classification:  Senior

Intended Graduation Date:  May 2014

How many summers have you interned since starting at NC State? 2

Company / University where you co-op’d / interned / researched this summer & its location:
Deutsche Bank, Cary, NC

Any previous companies / universities you co-op’d / interned / researched & the dates you interned:Medanta Hospital, India in Summer of 2012

2013 Summer Internship
How did you find out about the internship?
Engineering Career Fair

What was the process for obtaining the internship?
I applied on epack for an interview in January and was called for an interview. Then after that I was called for a second and final interview on-site and after that I was called with an offer for an internship in the coming summer.

Describe in a short paragraph what project(s) you worked on:
During the summer I worked as a Functional Analyst and my role was to be the middle man between business analysts and application developers and be able to translate the requirements from one perspective to the other. However, I was given the challenge to instead find a way to use six-sigma strategy to improve data quality and processing at the bank. Moreover, as an intern I was given a project to reduce vendor base by 25-50 percent while maintaining the quality and standards of the bank.

What classes (or experiences) from NC State did you feel were valuable during your internship?
TE 110, TE 404 (SIX SIGMA), TE 540 and research with Dr. Joines in data analysis.

What kinds of things, experiences, skills, etc. did you learn on the job that other students might benefit from knowing?
I was exposed to the office environment and learned what is ethical and not in banks. Also learned ORACLE data analysis tools and further enhancements in SQL coding. Was also exposed to BIG data.
What did you like about the working environment of the company? I liked that despite it being a bank which in many cases conveys the message that it is uptight and very regulated as well as “cut-throat,” the environment was nothing like that. Instead, I found an open space environment in which the people were very friendly and helpful and the hours were very flexible as well. Moreover, there was not a strong importance to distinguish the hierarchy of the positions, giving a sense of comfort and increasing communication with the bosses. Moreover, the company’s overall style was laid back with the dress code being casual, having ping pong and mini golf games in the office for those who want a break and having an agile outlook to things. The mentoring and guidance I got from the boss was not just to succeed in the company itself if I planned to stay with the company in the coming years but was also to succeed in life in general in whichever career I chose. This personal mentoring really helped me develop my personality in the career environment and was very much beneficial.

What was the best part of your internship?
I believe the best part of my internship was when I made my final presentations to the bosses as it was a great experience to be able to present in the real world and accomplish what was to be accomplished. It was definitely something that I wanted to overcome and become comfortable with and the internship enabled me to be comfortable. It also gave me the confidence to achieve success in the future in presentations.