Light up Garment


Hanesbrands, Inc.

Team Members:

Jane Boyce

Sami Circeo

Chandler Pry

Hoajian Lei

Project Statement:

HBI is seeking innovative ways to use light in textiles for a variety of functions and designs. You are charged to light up Champion athletes who must “be seen” by passing cars and must “see” where they are going at any time of the day or night.  Garments must have high-visibility at minimal costs.  The garments should maximize safety and visual appeal.  Students will conduct market research to determine the reasons lighted running apparel is advantageous for consumers.  Active lighting materials should be evaluated for visibility, lighting, customer functionality, aesthetics, visual appeal, and launderability.  Power supply options need also be evaluated as they relate to lighting for durability, performance, rechargeability, cost, and launderability.  Solutions should be easily incorporated into traditional apparel manufacturing processes as well as provide the best combination of price and performance characteristics.