Nonwovens for Performance Gear


Under Armour

Team Members:
Colin Donahue
Jordan Tabor
Tommy Taylor

Nonwovens are a cost-effective textile-formation method that historically has not been considered for Performance Gear due to concerns with durability and drape.  As technology continues to evolve, Under Armour (UA) would like to be on the forefront of new advances in nonwoven formation that not only address durability and drape, but performance factors that aren’t necessarily achieved via conventional textile-formation processes. UA is also very interested in applied technology and using concepts and ideas other industries are driving to create new Performance Gear (apparel, accessories, footwear), specifically through the use of nonwovens.

Problem Statement:

  • Evaluate nonwoven market space in performance apparel
  • Demonstrate the nonwoven fabrics processing and their respective performance characteristics (i.e. strength testing, moisture-management testing, etc).
  • Deliver a point of view report on which technology, based on their research and interaction with project sponsor, the sponsor should pursue.  The document should include product/garment prototypes, lab testing, field testing, etc.