Novel Paint Transfer Materials

Novel Paint Transfer Materials | Sponsor: Monterey Mills


Monterey Mills

Team Members:

Spencer Boykin

John Joyner

Charles Suaris

Project Statement:

Paint rollers are one of the most efficient tools to use when painting large surfaces. Traditional paint brushes are not able to hold large amounts of paint and require a large amount of time to spread paint over a large area. Paint rollers are designed to pick up and absorb the maximum amount of paint and disperse that paint to the widest area possible making the task of painting quicker and less difficult. The key to redesigning the paint roller is introducing new technologies to the current design that will improve the pick up of the paint from the paint pan to the roller and improve the dispersity of the paint from the roller to the wall. Redesigning this product will require research into new textile structures that can be applied to the paint roller as well as surface treatments that can be applied to the roller in order to receive maximum pick-up and maximum release. It is important to keep in mind while redesigning this product, one key factor is to keep the release rate of the roller in the power of the painter. This means that the painter should always be in control of how much paint is being released from the roller and how evenly the roller is spreading the paint.