Novel Testing Strategies for Flocked Materials


American Flock Association

Team Members:
Eric Gardner
Catherine Pagan

Flocking, in its basic form, is a very old technology.  Through the years the technology has had major advances.  Most recently with advancements in modern fibers, advanced polymer chemistry, and highly developed machine technology, flocking is rapidly being introduced into new high value added market sectors (i.e. medical, filtration, insulation, etc.).  To justify their use in these markets and advance their use beyond commercial products, the characteristics of flocked materials that are pertinent toward a specified market must be evaluated.  In addition, simple means by which to relay the advantages of flocked materials to potential partners must be generated.

Problem Statement:The overarching goal of this project is to classify, measure and determine qualities and characteristics of flocked materials to the standards that are used in potential markets.   The project teams will compare and contrast flocking materials, provided through interactions formed within the project sponsor, to commercially available products.  Moreover, the team will generate information modules (video or other) that can be used as general education focused on the benefits of flocking.