On-the-Go Sweat Towel

On-the-Go Sweat Towel Senior Design Team

Sponsor: Carpe

Team Members: Amy Cottongim, Courtney Michaels, Nidhi Godthi

Millions of Americans suffer from hyperhidrosis and there are currently no textile products that have been developed to solve it. The problem that people with hyperhidrosis face is that their hands sweat at higher rates, thus their hands constantly feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Carpe, an antiperspirant lotion company, collaborated with the senior design team to alleviate this unpleasant health condition by creating an On-The-Go Sweat Towel.

The On-The-Go Sweat Towel was envisioned to be a compact, lightweight and portable towel to be carried around in the customer’s pocket, ultimately allowing the customer to thrive despite their overproducing sweat glands. The design team seeks to create a product that addresses the following measurables: moisture pick-up, absorption, drying rate, launderability and abrasion resistance.

The team began the design process with extensive research and benchmarking analysis of moisture management fabrics and competing products. This began the ideation and concept selection process. Ideas were organized based on the measurables they addressed. Several prototypes were created and evaluated during the spring semester, until a final design was selected. This design met the critical values of the measurables and accomplished Carpe’s main priority of removing sweat from the skin’s surface. Although the design process involved many failures along with successes, the team was proud to present their final product at the end of the year.