Recycled Card Hanger Development

A photo of th erecycled card hanger development design team.

Sponsor: Li & Fung America

Team Members: Wyatt Moore, Rainier Sangalang, Ananya Suresh, Peicheng Wang

Project Description: Li and Fung (L&F) America’s Private Label jegging program currently ships 11 million units annually. Our team has been working collaboratively on improving its sustainable packaging efforts within this product line, specifically as it relates to implementing a recycled card hanger. The current hanger solution, fabricated in collaboration with Avery Dennison, does not meet production quality standards and is too costly for program use. The goals of this project are to work with L&F (with Avery Dennison as a continued collaborator) toward identifying new sustainable materials for use in the hanger that would meet the packaging standards while maintaining cost, and developing and evaluating new test methods for the new hanger design.