Analytical Lab Forms

New Guidelines for Internal Sample Submission and Testing

(Analytical lab R 2126)

 Given the present pandemic circumstances,  individual student instrument use for previously trained users has been suspended until further notice.  No graduate students are permitted in that lab for now.

All testing will be conducted by the Lab Manager (Birgit Andersen) and the sample submission procedure will be as follows.

  1. Choose a test form at the bottom of this page and submit for approval. (There will no longer be any hard copy forms in the folders next to my office R 3127 as used to be and no hard copies of any forms included with samples).
  2. Should you have questions regarding any testing you can reach Birgit Andersen via email or we can set up a phone (515-6590) or Zoom consultation. The same applies if you are not sure what test is most suitable for the data you are looking for.
  3. Once the submission form is received and accepted by Birgit Andersen and if there are no questions from either party you can place the samples in a plastic ziplock bag with your NAME clearly written on the bag and all samples in the bag clearly labeled. (Please make sure that wherever your name is written on the plastic bag it is covered up with clear tape as all sample bags will be sprayed with Isopropanol prior to handling which will dissolve most markers!! )
  4. The sample submission station is now the table next to lab Room 2126. You will see 2 baskets on a wooden table under the TV monitor – one labeled for “drop off”, the other one for “pick up” should you want the remaining sample material back.
  5. There will be absolutely NO in person sample drop offs or inquiries/questions at Birgit’s office as in the past. All takes place via phone/zoom /email or in a hallway etc. where social distancing can be safely practiced while wearing a mask!  
  6. Throughout Phase 1 in June, Birgit will only be at the College if samples were properly submitted and there is testing to be done and will not be in full days every day. Meaning the sample turn – around time can vary a bit from what it used to be and there will be no more “rush” testing.
  7. Once the analyses are complete, the sample will be placed back into the pick up basket if you selected that you want it back. If not it will be discarded. You will also be emailed spectra & data and, should you have questions, can address those by phone/email/zoom as mentioned above.

Should there be anything I forgot to address please email Birgit Andersen.