SMARTextiles Laboratory

SMARTextiles (Self-Monitoring, Adaptive, and Responsive Textiles) Laboratory, located in the Wilson College of Textiles Complex on NCSU’s Centennial campus, is dedicated to smart/intelligent textile related research. Textiles constitute an obvious choice as multifunctional platforms, since they are worn and used to cover and drape over many of the surfaces around us. Textiles serve as a natural interface between us and the environment in which we live. The laboratory is equipped to advance research into functionalize and deploy sensors, actuators, and other devices at various hierarchical levels of textile structutres to engender intelligent attributes of self-monitoring, adaptation, and responsiveness.

Unique Capabilities: The capabilities include textile-relevant nanocomposite fabrication and electro-mechanical characterization.

Equipment: The Nanocomposite Fabrication Facility in the laboratory is equipped with a high shear planetary mixer/deaerator, spin coater, various sonicators, vacuum oven, and fume hood. The electro-mechanical characterization capabilities in the laboratory include a load frame (MTS 30G) with a range of load cells and grip types, optical non-contact type strain measurement equipment, a wide range of electrical test equipment including various electrometers, current-Voltage source/meters (Keithley 6221, 2182 A, 6517B, 8009, etc.), high voltage power supplies (Bertan High Voltage Power Supply Series 225, Series 220), LCR meter (Instek LCR-8101G) with fixture (Agilent 16451B), and oscilloscopes.

Responsible for Lab:
Name: Dr. Tushar K. Ghosh
Phone: 919.515.6568