Respiration Tracking Shirt


Hanesbrands, Inc.

Team Members:

Rachel Evans

Yuncong Yang

Dylan Fannin

Jordan Dawson

Project Statement:

HBI is seeking ways to incorporate wearable technology into current product lines. You are charged to monitor respiration rates on Champion athletes and relay this information to a smartphone app you design.  Smartphone app should also make this information available to other health apps on the smartphone. Garments must be comfortable, perform at minimal cost, and have visual appeal. Determining a sensing method and an algorithm to reliably detect respiration under various customer environments is a key deliverable for this project. Students will conduct market research to determine the reasons respiration monitoring is advantageous for Champion consumer athletes.  Respiration monitor should be developed for functionality, athletic aesthetics, visual appeal, and launderability. The smartphone app should also be developed for functionality and visual appeal.  Power supply options need also be evaluated as they relate to the respiration monitor for durability, performance, rechargeability, cost, and launderability. Students must also keep in mind that the overall visual appearance of the garment is as important as the performance.