Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for the Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science (TECS) is the official advisory board for the department, comprised of respected leaders in research and business development from a diverse set of industries.

As part of the College of Textiles, we are committed to education, research and engagement with the global and local community in all areas of polymer, fiber, textile and coloration technologies including the global textile supply chain. The SAB is charged with:

• strengthening our educational programs for preparing leaders in a wide range of industries,
• reviewing our mission and vision, and honing our strategic plan,
• identifying new research partnering opportunities with industry and governmental agencies,
• developing new opportunities for our students after graduation,
• enhancing visibility and reputation of TECS, globally and locally, and
• setting a path to the future for TECS!


Standing (L to R): Dr. Richard J. Spontak, Dr. James Singletary, Dr. Harry Chmielewski, Mr. Scott Echols, Ms. Diane Phillips, Dr. Benjamin Martin, Dr. Kavita Mathur, Mr. Mark McNeil, Dr. Brent Sumerlin Sitting (L to R): Dr. Thomas Pecorini, Mr. Jack Daniels, Mr. Mike Tyndall, Dr. Jon P. Rust, Mr. Ryan Heniford, Dr. David Hinks Not pictured: Dr. Margaret Frey, Dr. Joseph Hotter, Dr. Yiping Qiu

TECS SAB Members

Dr. Harry Chmielewski, Senior Research Scientist, Domtar Corporation
Mr. Jack Daniels, Executive Vice President, AATCC
Mr. Scott Echols, Sustainable Product Research and Discovery Team, Nike
Dr. Margaret Frey, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Fiber Science & Apparal Design, Cornell University
Mr. Ryan Heniford, Business Development Director, Secant Medical
Dr. Joseph Hotter, Former R&D Director, Covidien
Dr. Benjamin Martin, Director of Advanced Modeling and Simulation, Hanesbrands Inc.
Dr. Kavita Mathur, Technical Manager, Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.
Mr. Mark McNeil, Corporate Manager of Product Development, Technology and Recycling, Unifi Manufacturing, Inc.
Dr. Thomas Pecorini, Technology Fellow, Eastman Chemical Company
Ms. Diane Phillips, Vice President and General Manager, Battelle Memorial Institute
Dr. Yiping Qiu, Dean of the College of Textiles, Donghua University, Shanghai, China
Dr. James Singletary, Senior Research Associate, DuPont Protection Technologies
Dr. Richard J. Spontak, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, NC State University
Dr. Brent Sumerlin, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Center for Macromolecular Science and Engineering, University of Florida
Mr. Mike Tyndall, Vice President of Product Development and Implementation, Cotton Incorporated