Smart City – Textile-Inspired Occupancy Reporting


City of Raleigh & NC RIoT

Team Members:

Paige Esguerra

Xena Hong

Brianna Ims

Taylor Adams

Project Statement:

The City of Raleigh is developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that enable improved performance of workspace environments.  The objective of this project is develop a textile-based systems, combined with IoT data streams, that allow for the determination of occupancy details of conference rooms within the Raleigh Municipal Buildings during both regular business hours and after hours. Students will be able to utilize data from various sources including building automation, security systems, Microsoft outlook, Office 365, as well as, custom devices created to count and report results utilizing a textile component implanted within the confines of the space. Outcomes could potentially measure: whether the conference room is occupied or unoccupied, temperature of space, lighting, number of occupants, whether or not the space scheduled or unscheduled, under-utilized or over-utilized, length of meetings and occupancy overlap. Project sponsor(s) will coordinate with City liaisons from the following departments: Engineering Services, Office of Sustainability and Information technology to provide mentorship and guidance to develop proposed solutions.