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The Senior Design course in Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science (TECS) is the capstone course for the Textile Engineering and Textile Technology degree programs.  This course presents student teams with a relevant industrial or research problem that necessitates the need for the teams to leverage prior classwork to create a solution.  These open-ended problems, defined by sponsors, challenge the students to think outside of standard educational classroom learning environment to prepare them for the workplace environment.  Students gain experience in defining criteria based on sponsor needs, concept ideation, prototyping, and evaluation.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Concept formation & prototype development of a relevant problem for your company
  • Interaction with prospective students
  • Identification of new technology and trends
  • Visibility of your company in TECS, the Wilson College of Textiles, and at NC State University
  • Fostering new directions in education within the TECS department.