Senior Design




Student Experience

Over the course of two semesters, each student team works through the entire design process. The first semester, teams work with their sponsor to identify the scope of their project, gather background information, assess competing products or processes, and create a design of experiments and tests that provide technical justification for any prototyping or design decisions. Each team generates a number of initial solutions to their project and uses their technical expertise to prototype, test and narrow down their ideas. At the start of the second semester, teams enter an iterative cycle of fabricating, testing, and refining prototypes using resources at the Wilson College of Textiles and their respective sponsor companies. By the end of the academic year, each team will have completed a thorough analysis of their final prototype to present to their instructors and industry sponsors.

ā€œIā€™m starting to realize how helpful our senior design course was in preparing us for the professional world. The weekly assignments and update meetings throughout the year and learning how to manage our time to complete day-to-day tasks while keeping the long term goal in mind has set me up to be successful here at (8 Billion Dollar company). I keep telling my sister, who is an incoming College of Engineering [first-year student] at NC State, that Senior Design is by far the most helpful class she will take throughout her four years in Raleigh.ā€

– Former student

Supported in part by Elevate Textiles