Sustainable Material Usage in Apparel Labels


Avery Dennison

Team Members:

Lauren Armstrong

Sydney Schickendantz

Allie Durr

Project Statement:

As Avery Dennison RBIS wants to lead the market in sustainable offerings to our customers,  we recognize that in order to do so we must approach our raw material use in multiple ways.  We need to both reduce our use of non-renewable, petroleum-based products as well as recycle the waste we currently produce from our processes and products.  This project will focus on understanding which raw materials we can use to make step changes in our sustainable offering by assessing feasibility of recycled waste materials and renewable, bio-based materials, and design a new product(s) offering where these materials can be utilized.  This new product can be within our current PFL, Woven Label or Flexible Packaging product lines.  Ideally with these new sustainable products we will be able to be a driver of the circular economy and cradle to cradle apparel movement.