True Cooling Performance

A photo of the true cooling performance design team

Sponsor: VF Corp.

Team Members: Caroline Barker, Ryen Frazier, Christian Rust, Ethan Wynne

Project Description: The goal of this project is to define a new testing strategy that evaluates heat transfer away from the body to the environment (i.e. cooling sensation). The current evaluation is based on a Qmax test, which evaluates transient cooling (skin to fabric) for approximately ten seconds. The test materials will be existing garment/fabric ranging from TNF jackets to jeans. Of interest is the performance of the garment through multiple hours of use. The team will identify use-case scenarios for activity level and relate it to the product performance. Testing will be performed with new fabric and garment designs within VF Corp’s subsidiaries, including The North Face and Lee Wrangler Jeans.