Ultimate Bra-Underwire


Hanesbrands, Inc.

Team Members:

Celia Gentry

Wesley Brown

Julie Watterson

Carter Lee Rutherfurd

Project Statement:

One of the major complaints in women’s bras is underwire failure.  Hanesbrands, a global leader in commercial sales of women’s bras seeks to explore a new underwire technology that is comparable to the mechanical performance of existing underwires.   This technology could be an altogether new mechanical design or utilize the current design with a new material (i.e. plastic) that is able to be extruded or otherwise manufactured at a high throughput. The innovation underwire technology should withstand breakage and ‘poke-through’, be flexible & supportive, light & strong, and be comfortable in everyday and athletic bra applications. Solution should meet Hanesbrands manufacturing, launderability, and cost requirements.