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Degree Concentrations

The PCC program leads to a rigorous Bachelor of Science degree combining core physical science subjects with a focus in a number of important applied chemistry related fields. The program offers three concentrations: Medical Science, American Chemical Society certified and Science and Operations. Semester by semester display of courses for each of these specific concentrations may be found below. For additional information about these programs please contact us at

The Medical Science Option is designed to enable students to complete the required courses by Medical and Health related programs while pursuing a unique degree in polymer and color chemistry.

The American Chemical Society (ACS) certified degree is an accredited chemistry program by the ACS and an addition to providing a strong knowledge of applied chemistry, is ideal for those wishing to pursue graduate degrees.

The science and operations program is designed to provide students interested in direct entry to employment with a strong base in a science degree in a unique field.

The PCC program offers education and hands-on training on the state of the art technology which includes plasma machinery to apply high performance finishes for performance fabrics, analytical instrumentation for forensic analysis and medical applications, synthesis of colorants, radiometers and spectrophotometers for analysis of electromagnetic spectra as well as production and analysis of nano-compounds.

Why study polymer and color chemistry?

Exceptional job opportunities and Placement

Polymer and Color Chemistry graduates are sought after by diverse companies throughout the United States as well as internationally, from global textile retail companies such as Nike and The Gap, chemical manufacturing companies such as DuPont, Monsanto and Ciba, automotive companies like GM, and even forensic science within the FBI.

Every year, over 90% of our students have full time employment by the time they graduate. Many top US companies visit our campus specifically to hire our students.


How about a double degree? The degree is highly flexible with many electives that allow students to easily double major (e.g., in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, biomedical engineering, textile engineering amongst others) and focus in areas that include the following.

  • Medical Science
  • Color Chemistry / Science
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemisty and Sustainability

For additional information please contact us at