Textile Technology

Textile Technology is a comprehensive academic program that prepares students for careers in the new global business environment in design, development and manufacture of products in a variety of applications such as aerospace, medicine, architecture, automotive, apparel, sports and many others.

The recently revised Textile Technology program interweaves basic knowledge of fiber materials, science and technologies relevant to fiber processing with product design and development throughout the curriculum. The curriculum prepares students in product design/development processes, beginning with understanding of application to material selection to appropriate technologies to utilize.

Textile Technology

Textile Technology is designed for students who want more of an applied technical degree along with a business focus.

After introductory exposure to fundamental aspects of fiber science and textile technology, the student builds additional depth and appropriate skills in multiple disciplines in one of the three specialty areas of concentration: medical textiles, technical textiles, and textile supply chain operations. Students transferring from other programs or community colleges may choose the general curriculum track that provides the flexibility of advised electives for pursuing a minor or their own interests.

The Medical Textiles concentration covers design and methods of production of state-of-the-art textile products and devices used in medical applications. These sophisticated textile products are engineered for specific uses in surgical and interventional procedures including sutures for wound closing to cardiac support devices.

The Technical Textiles concentration covers design principles, understanding of applications, and technologies relevant to the vast array of technical textile materials and products. Notable examples of these are textiles used in transportation, storage, packaging, automobile engineering, geotechnical engineering, etc.

The Textile Supply Chain Operations concentration focuses on the design, management, and coordination all the activities required to transform raw materials into finished textile products.

The Textile Technology program encourages students to pursue their personal academic goals through summer internships, study abroad programs, product development projects and undergraduate research.

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