Undergraduate Research and Internships

UG Research & Internships

Many of our undergraduate students successfully apply for graduate school at major chemistry and engineering programs around the U.S. Many others decide that graduate research is not for them and develop careers in other directions.  Regardless of career path, we know that experience in conducting original research helps develop skills in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and teamwork.  These demonstrated skills, in turn, help students win positions at top companies, universities, and government agencies.  And they help students in deciding what career path is the best fit for them.  Hence, our department has a strong commitment to enabling our students to conduct undergraduate research.

Our faculty, staff, and graduate students enjoy working shoulder-to-shoulder with all motivated young scientists and engineers and we are proud of our diverse undergraduates who undertake original research within one of our three degree programs: Polymer and Color Chemistry, Textile Engineering, and Textile Technology.

It is perhaps the close mentoring that enables many of our students to identify their passions and talents most effectively.  A significant number of our students earn honors and awards that give them confidence to develop impactful careers and enjoy challenging interests as our cherished alumni.

Undergraduate Research Highlights

As an undergraduate in the TECS Department, you will have an opportunity for industry internships. In 2014, more than 75% of TECS undergraduates received industry internships, many were paid internships.

Undergraduate Internship Highlights