Wrinkle-Free Tee

A photo of the Wrinkle tee design team

Sponsor: Hanesbrands Inc.

Team Members: Ryan Adams, Carmen Davis, John Llanza, Kat Robinson

Project Description: HBI is known for its classic white tee; and nothing is better than that first time wearing it: crisp and unwrinkled. We know that the consumer would love to have that “first wear” feeling every time they wear their white t-shirt. The goal of this project is to develop a wrinkle free t-shirt that looks crisp through the lifecycle of the shirt (wear, launder, repeat). The consumer should always look put together without having to use an iron. The garment must provide similar comfort to our traditional basic white t-shirt. Chemical modifications and fiber blends are able to be explored for potential solutions. Chemical use is limited to formaldehyde free treatments (and other restricted substances are prohibited).