Meet the Team

TPACC Group Photo

Name Email Phone Room
Roger L. Barker, Director  919-515-6577 3426
Shawn A. Deaton, Special Projects Director  919-515-4216 3327
Emiel A. Den Hartog, Co-Director  919-389-6488 3334
Sophie Guevel, Research Assistant – Comfort  919-515-4216 3335
Cassandra Kwon, Research Assistant Professor – Prototype Development  919-807-1355 3335
Michelle Lucas, Research Technician – Sensorial Comfort 3353
Mark Martin, Research Technician – Thermal Protection 3350
Marc Mathews, Research Associate – Thermophysiological Comfort  617-835-3710 3314
John Morton-Aslanis, Research Associate – Thermal Protection  919-515-6958 3337
Bryan Ormond, Research Assistant Professor – Chemical Protection  919-524-1569 3338
Donald B. Thompson, Associate Director  919-515-6781 3327
Kyle Watson, Research Assistant, Comfort 910-619-6397 3344

Additionally, as part of the Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University, TPACC also benefits from highly motivated students and the expertise and experience of other faculty within and across campus. These faculties supplement and contribute to TPACC research and development activities in various areas of textile materials science and engineering.