Master Black Belt Certification

Master Black Belts are change agents who lead Lean Six Sigma projects at an enterprise level. Their efforts include deployment, training, coaching, mentoring, and providing technical support to Green Belts and Black Belts.  NC State’s Master Black Belt (MBB) Certification provides a structured path for achieving your MBB certification with an emphasis on in-depth learning of statistics and leadership skills.

Master Black Belt courses are on hiatus until February 2020.

Who should apply for Master Black Belt certification:

Certified Six Sigma Black Belts from NC State University or other approved non-NC State organizations.


  1. Register for Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification. (Pay $9500 at the time of registration or choose the “Pay Later” option. Payment is due 10 business days prior to the start date of your fist course.)
  2. Email the following documents to Melissa Sharp:
    • Résumé
    • Evidence of Black Belt certification (a copy of your certificate will suffice)
    • Storyboard or presentation for a Black Belt level project

Required Courses:

After you register and upload your documents, an MBB coordinator will contact you via email to review your documents and to help you select courses. MBB certification requires the successful completion of 4 courses. You can take the courses in any order:

  • Forecasting, Advanced Lean and Advanced Control – ELECTIVE, Option 1 (February)
  • Deployment, Projects and Advanced Voice of the Customer – ELECTIVE, Option 2 (March)
  • Design for Six Sigma and Error Proofing – REQUIRED (July)
  • Simulation and Advanced DOE – REQUIRED (August)
  • Advanced Applied Statistics – REQUIRED (December)


Contact Jeff Blessinger or Melissa Sharp