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The Textile Protection and Comfort Center: Focus Areas and Vision

The Textile Protection and Comfort Center (TPACC) at North Carolina State University is a University Chartered Center that was established in 1994. The goal of the new Center was to “perform scientific research on total comfort and protection performance of diverse textile materials.” In addition, TPACC expected “to establish a research bade to support a rigorous graduate education program in textile comfort and protection designed to produce scientists for academia, industry and government.

Through innovative interdisciplinary research and educational programs, we will provide world leading science and collaborative services to the university, state and global communities.

The Textile Protection and Comfort Center is dedicated to providing leading edge research to develop new test methods, materials and assessments for performance clothing and protective ensembles while providing the best available education to students interested in comfort, performance, and protection provided by clothing ensembles and personal protective ensembles.

Research will advance test methods, consensus standards, materials and designs to create new levels of performance as well as understanding of the comfort, ergonomic function, heat stress, and protection provided by textile and personal protective equipment.

Education and training for undergraduate and graduate students, industry partners, public safety professionals, and government employees to incorporate performance and protection sciences into their careers.

Engagement and Outreach to create new undergraduate minors and certification for public safety officers and industry professionals.

Promoting Enhanced Public Understanding of the role and impact of performance garments and protective textiles on society, advancing public safety, and building support for research, education and training.