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Helicopter rescue wildland firefighter

Working with TPACC

We develop customized research or testing plans based on the critical performance requirements and the conditions of the intended end use. The aim is to scientifically qualifying fabric or full system level comfort and/or protective performance properties in order to benchmark and differentiate performance among developmental or incumbent materials or qualify performance benefits. Our studies can develop state-of-the art instrumented test methods, They can validate the use of a new instrument for measuring materials properties critical to clothing comfort or protective performance.

For a wide range of applications

Our combined laboratory capabilities and expertise support innovation for a wide range of applications ranging from sports and active wear to PPE for fire, chemical and particulate protection. We can evaluate the comfort or protective performance of fabrics, protective apparel, gloves, boots and headwear using standard and customized testing capabilities, many of which can only be found in our laboratories.

Delivering on knowledge generation, education and service

Working with industry partners, with input from end users, to develop prototypes of garments PPE for firefighters and other first responders is a core research and service mission. Our research projects have led to the development of new test methods and they have contributed to standardization of these methods as ASTM, NFPA or ISO standards. Students participate with specially trained professional staff and faculty in projects that require application of advanced comfort and/or measurement systems. Examples of recent research projects and publications can be found


Utilizing TPACC to Achieve Your Research and Testing Needs

TPACC faculty and staff have more than 25 years’ experience working with end-users, and with a wide variety of companies, large and small. We offer both unique testing service and research agreements depending on the scope and objectives of the project, as defined by the sponsor. We often partner with collaborating companies in responding to RFPs from federal agencies. Project outcomes are reported in a timely manner.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how our education, research and testing capabilities can serve your needs for attaining your goals.


TPACC Lab Operations Director Shawn Deaton to learn more about ways you can leverage our research or testing services.

Shawn Deaton
Shawn Deaton: TPACC Operations Director