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Man-in-Simulant-Test (MIST)

A volunteer test participant standing on a ladder

The MIST is a valuable protocol for demonstrating the comparative performance of protective ensembles that may be subjected to a chemical vapor hazard. During a MIST, protection performance is assessed by placing a series of chemically adsorptive patches on a volunteer test participant prior to donning the protective ensemble.

The test participant then performs a series of moderate exercises in the presence of a controlled concentration of a nontoxic chemical vapor. The chemical vapor used in a MIST is methyl salicyate (MeS), also known as oil of wintergreen.

After a set period of time the adsorptive patches are removed from the test participant and quantitatively analyzed for MeS content. Both quantity of MeS absorbed and pad location are used in calculation of a dosage factor, enabling comparison of ensembles.

MIST protection performance displayed on a TV being assessed by a man sitting in a chair

The Textile Protection and Comfort Center (TPACC), at North Carolina State University Wilson College of Textiles, is the home for a state-of-the-art Man-in-Stimulant Test (MIST) facility. The only one of its kind in the United States located at a university, this new facility provides TPACC the ability to test full ensemble clothing systems in a chemical vapor simulant that represent both chemical and biological threats.

Facility Features

  • Advanced instrumentation to control and monitor MeS
  • One way flow from test beginning to end
  • Automated analysis of PADs
  • Instrumented, articulated manikin; simulates breathing
  • Uses existing space for garment preconditioning, dressing facilities, shower/locker room, analytical lab

Basic Chamber Capabilities

  • Temperature 4 – 40C
  • Full range of relative humidity
  • [MeS]: several ppb – near saturation
  • Wind speed: 0.9 – 5+ m/s
  • ~ 400 sq-ft testing area
  • High-definition video monitoring / recording
  • Easily accommodates four test subjects
MIST being performed by someone wearing a protective ensemble carrying a manikin across the floor

A MIST is a human subject test. Routinely, a MIST is conducted by following procedures found in two standardized methods: ASTM F 2588 Standard Test Method for Man-In-Simulant-Test (MIST) for Protective Ensembles and the Test Operations Procedure (TOP) 10-2-022 Chemical Vapor and Aerosol System Level Testing of Chemical / Biological Protective Suits. TPACC maintains process approval from the NC State University Institutional Review Board, for both of these standard protocols. The MIST facility can also be used with customizable methods for research purposes and in support of certification (NFPA, UL, Armed Forces).