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Liz Moran Recognized for Advancing International Education

Liz Moran

Liz Moran, Director of Advising and Admissions for the Wilson College of Textiles, has been selected as this year’s recipient of the NC State Office of International Affairs’ Recognition for Leadership in International Education. This award honors and celebrates the recipient’s outstanding contributions to study abroad and to the internationalization of the University. The award was presented by Provost Warwick Arden at the Global Engagement Exposition on Tuesday, April 19.

In her role, Moran oversees external and internal admission of undergraduate students, provides advising support to all students throughout their undergraduate careers, and teaches a course introducing students to the Wilson College of Textiles. In addition, she collaborates with OIA and College leaders to increase international engagement efforts which have led to the College doubling its study abroad participation numbers since 2012.

“Utilizing a proactive or ‘intrusive advising’ technique, Liz creates an expectation for students to study abroad and then directly addresses any barriers students face that may prevent them from meeting that expectation,” said Julia Law, Associate Director for Curriculum Integration, Study Abroad Office. “She’s worked with the faculty to develop strategic course mapping, making study abroad more accessible to all of the majors within the College. At the same time, she’s recognized the financial barrier that exists for some students and is working with College industry partners to identify additional funding resources.”

For Moran, the most rewarding part of her work is witnessing the transformation that occurs in students when they study abroad. “This fuels my passion for encouraging and supporting them through personal advising as well as by helping with curriculum integration for Textiles majors and the development of new global programs. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to add an international focus to my role. I feel like I’m just being recognized for doing something I love,” she said.

While she will continue to find ways to make study abroad accessible, she also wants to help the College incorporate global learning into the on-campus curricula as a way to show that inter-cultural experiences don’t just take place abroad.

“This should encourage those who are already considering going abroad as well as support those returning from abroad, helping them continue their intercultural skill development,” she said.