Annali Evling – from Fleming Island, FL, graduated from Ridgeview High School. Annali has been awarded a North Carolina Textile Foundation ITT/Roger Milliken Centennial Scholarship. Annali took both Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, including European History, World History, Physics, Chemistry, English Literature and Composition, History of Americas, Calculus, French, and Theory of Knowledge. She specifically enjoyed her IB Chemistry class because of her curiosity of the molecular world. Annali participated in a variety of clubs in high school including Interact Club, Drama Club, and Future Business Leaders of America. She has also volunteered with Personal Energy Transportation, the YMCA and a summer drama camp. She enjoys horseback riding and autocross racing. Annali intends to study Textile Engineering.

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    Thank you for choosing Textiles as your profession. Looks as if you could have gone many different directions… glad you chose Textiles and NCSU to lend your ta80lents.
    Best Wishes!
    Textile Technology.. ‘ 80

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