Jakub Sciora of Mebane, N.C., graduated from Eastern Alamance High School. He has been awarded an ITT/Milliken (Distinguished) Centennial Scholarship and will be studying Textile Engineering with a minor in Materials Science.

Jakub has taken Advanced Placement courses, including calculus, chemistry, U.S. history, English and physics. He participated in a variety of activities including Marching Band, Track and Field, Student Council, Environmental Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Math Honor Society, and National Honor Society. He has also volunteered as a Boy Scout, as an altar server in his church, on mission trips, and at the March for Life. Jakub enjoys basketball, archery, rock climbing, and Track and Field where he attended the AAA Regional and State Track Championships for pole vaulting.

Jakub stumbled upon the field of textiles in high school while researching engineering summer camps.  “I realized my passion lies in fibers and clothing. I am fascinated by the innovation and technology of the outdoor apparel industry, and I want to develop new fibers and fabrics for the betterment of society—ranging from self-monitoring activewear to biofabrics for prosthesis,” he says.

He plans to continue his impressive academics and extracurriculars during his time at NC State, and is grateful for the opportunity to do so. “Numerous people have invested their time and finances to bring me where I am today and to sustain my education, and I am determined to make those people, including the NC Textile Foundation, proud of my successes and achievements,” he says.

Jakub notes that he will utilize the scholarship in order to devote more time and energy to his studies and buying supplementary textbooks rather than having to focus on funding his tuition and school fees. “I plan to study abroad while exploring the global textile industry, visit outdoor apparel companies, and possibly attend trade shows,” he says.

He views being chosen as a Centennial Scholar as a major responsibility, one which he is prepared to take on graciously during his time in the Wilson College of Textiles. “Conscious of the gift that I have received, I will seek to explore as many opportunities as I can at NC State within my intended field and beyond,” Jakub says.  

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Written by Mary Margaret Lyle

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