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Dean’s Page Alumna: Ngoc Nguyen ’20, TT, Graduate School: Master of Industrial Design

Ngoc Nguyen

By Amanda Padbury

Ngoc Nguyen ’20

 Ngoc Nguyen

Degree: B.S., textile technology, concentration in medical textiles

Current position/employer: industrial design graduate student at the College of Design at NC State University

Dean’s page: January 2018 – May 2020

Tell us about your current role: 

Currently, I am a graduate student studying industrial design at the College of Design. I am learning about product design and design thinking, which I have been enjoying! My days are usually spent in the studio (or my room) either researching, sketching, presenting or prototyping in the shop.

Other NC State/Wilson College activities: Platform Magazine, undergraduate research

 Ngoc Nguyen with peers

Looking back, what was it like being a dean’s page?

Being a dean’s page has taught me a lot about myself and has exposed me to many opportunities! We do basic office tasks and provide customer service within the college, but honestly, I have improved my leadership skills as well as professional development skills with everything I’ve done as a dean’s page. I have met so many people during this opportunity, including students, professors and staff members that have taught me many different things. You’re able to create relationships that will last a lifetime and also have a very good support system during your time at the Wilson College. We also do a lot of activities where you learn more about yourself and Amanda is always there to help when you need to make major life decisions.

 Ngoc Nguyen Deans Page Program

What did you take away from the Dean’s Page Program that helped you in your current position?

The Dean’s Page Program has taught me how to stay organized and also become more confident in my skills. Amanda exposed me to a lot of opportunities that I feel have been very helpful in my development including conducting meetings, researching professional development activities, creating an interview process, practicing photography skills and much more! All of these activities have taught me how to manage my time better with all of my design projects, communicate with others about design ideas and concerns, and confidently present my projects as well. I will continue to use the skills that I’ve learned to do improve during my time in grad school.

 Ngoc Nguyen with friends

What advice do you have for those who are new dean’s pages or interested in becoming one?

Do it! You will learn a lot of things during your time and meet so many new people. Amanda is fun to work with and you will have a good time.

What is the funniest time or most interesting experience you had as a dean’s page?

Amanda had mentioned to one of the pages that she loved seeing flocks of geese flying so I came up with an idea to photoshop all of the page’s faces on a flock of geese for her birthday card. She really enjoyed it and it was pretty funny, so now it’s become a tradition to photoshop all of the page’s faces on a card for her birthday and holiday cards!