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Getting to Know Ummay Mowshome Jahan: 2021-2022 Provost’s Fellowship Recipient

Ummay Mowshome Jahan

By Debbie Willmschen

Ummay Mowshome Jahan, recipient of the 2021-2022 Provost’s Fellowship, is excited to join the Wolfpack in the Wilson College of Textiles fiber and polymer science (FPS) program.

Originally from Chittagong, Bangladesh, Jahan completed a Bachelor of Science in textile engineering from Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and a Master of Science in fiber, polymer and textile science from the University of Georgia. 

Jahan talked about how the Provost’s Fellowship will provide support during the first year of doctoral studies.

Wilson College: What led you to select Wilson College for your doctoral work?

Jahan: I had heard that the diversity and the quality of research at Wilson College is outstanding, and it intrigued me. When I looked at places to continue my education and research, I knew that I wanted to apply here.

Wilson College: Talk a little about your research and how you first became interested in this area of study.

Jahan: I am interested in researching developing biomaterials for various biomedical applications, such as polymer tissue interaction, drug delivery and so on. I studied in this area in graduate school and am excited to continue my research using the excellent facilities at Wilson College.

Wilson College: How will the Provost’s Fellowship provide support during this journey?

Jahan: The Provost’s Fellowship provides the financial support that I need to continue my educational journey and pursue my Ph.D. 

Wilson College: What advice would you give to other incoming doctoral students for ways to seek support or become involved in programs here at Wilson College?

Jahan: Making connections while you are in your doctoral program is a critical part of the process. Wilson College has a significant number of resources that support and involve its students. Students need to reach out and make connections as soon as they possibly can. 

Wilson College: As you begin this journey, do you have any expectations or hopes for your long-term career goals?

Jahan: As a long-term career, I aspire to work as a researcher. I hope this journey with the Wilson College of Textiles will help me to be well equipped with relevant knowledge and research experience, which will allow me to have a research career that I love and enjoy.